Titanic Sinkings 2: Max Goldt

Max Goldt also writes a column for Titanic, about which I have already enlightened you. Column’s a pretty grand name; it’s more a series of musings. Often inspired by things he’s found at a flea market. Such as the following picture (caption translation mine):


Sophia Loren.  Jawohl: the great, incomparable Sophia Loren.  No less a personage than this renowned actress adorned the cover of the edition of the American magazine “Life” from 1964, in which the meat dish reproduced above was found.  Looking at the photo, you might wonder at what kind of inconceivable crap people ate 40 years ago, or rejoice in the progress that food photography has made since the photo was taken.  But you could just as well turn the photo upside-down, as I’ve done here, and, to your amazement, recognize a Dadaist anti-war collage from the time directly after the First World War.

[Titanic, March 2005, p.45]

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