Eurovision: Poland and Austria Fail Again

It’s here again — the Eurovision song contest! 

10 countries were selected in the semifinals yesterday, by many others were not.  Including the prizewinner in my own personal competition, for MSV ("Matching Sequined Vest") appeal.  Poland’s Ivan & Delfin ("Ivan & Dolphin") win here hands-down.   

Why were they rejected?  I’m no expert, but I would guess the accordion was probably fatal.  Even by generous European standards, mixing an accordion with faux-Elvistic matching outfits in the color of the Polish flag probably went too far.  I’ve no no idea what their song was called.  "Come back, Ljudmila, the Valley is Green"?  "The Mercedes of My Heart?"  More suggestions?  Anyone want to help me out here?

Now on to Austria.  It’s easy to mock the folk-tinged sequined vestiness of it all, but at least the Poles were giving it their all — "popping the cuffs," as Wayne Newton might put it.  Austria’s Global.Kryner, by contrast, clearly phoned it in:

The cherubic Austrian maedchen on the left is down with the Eurovision groove: she’s got something dirndl-esque on, and piles of makeup.  But who is the guy on the right?  It looks like he just stumbled out of bed.  He’s wearing a track suit, for God’s sake.  And playing a trombone. I can only hope and pray that he was a last-minute replacement, and couldn’t fit into the original singer’s lederhosen.  Possible song names: "The Beer Tastes like Your Kisses"; "Down to the Last Pfennig"

The Moldavian Repulic, however, made it through.  I will be rooting for them in Saturday’s final, for obvious reasons:


2 thoughts on “Eurovision: Poland and Austria Fail Again

  1. Lieber Bigg Ass

    Do you know where I can find the song from Moldavia for Eurovision Contest 2005′? Please! I loved 2004′”Eletronic Supersonic”


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