German Words of the Week: Eisprung & Nervensäge

It’s been a while since I brought you a GWOW, so now you get a twofer, courtesy of Anke Groener, who writes a pleasant, lively blog.  In this post, she complains about "female problems":

Anke nölt über die üblichen Eisprungbauchschmerzen: „Der weibliche Körper ist eine einzige Nervensäge.“

First, for comic effect, let me translate this sentence 100% literally:

Anke complains about the usual eggjumpstomachpains: "The female body is one single nerve-saw."

Now, a bit more idiomatic:

Anke complains about the usual ovulation pains: "The female body is nothing but a pain-in-the-ass."

Ovulation, for those of you who’ve forgotten your high-school biology, is the release of a mature fertilizable egg from the ovary.  The German version is, as usually, a fabulously colorful combination of two words: Eisprung or "egg-jump"!  And could anything better convey annoyance than the image of someone sawing at your nerves?  Almost too horrifyingly expressive, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “German Words of the Week: Eisprung & Nervensäge

  1. German is a “teaching”language: with words like “Eisprung” you do not need to atend Biology classes anymore! The word explains de the process of ovulation itself!

    What about “Gebärmutter” (womb)? “Gebär” would be container that “bears” the baby,…is the womb a “containermother”, “mother’s container”??


  2. The word Sprung also means small crack. 🙂
    BTW, Gebär is the stem of the verb gebären (giving birth).
    It’s literally translated a “birthing mother”.

    Great articles btw. 😉


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