The most-stolen street sign in Austria…

…belongs to the tiny (pop. 150) village of Fucking.  Apparently the town name derives from a prominent 6th-century resident named "Focko", and the -ing signifies that the town is full of "Focko’s people."  The street sign is routinely stolen, and replacing it is a big expense; nevertheless, the population has decided against changing the name. 

There must be nothing quite like driving past a sign that simply says "Fucking."  What makes the experience all the more surreal is the sign right underneath it, which features a picture of two children (!) and the motto "Please, not so fast" (!!)

5 thoughts on “The most-stolen street sign in Austria…

  1. That’s a damned good question, zrz. In fact, I would suggest a whole line of marketing accessories (keychains, pens, perhaps even a sex-toy here or there).

    And, naturally, T-shirts. I can think of a few mottoes, such as “My parents went to Fucking, Austria, and all I got was this Fucking T-shirt”, or perhaps “No visit to Austria is complete without a lot of Fucking!”


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