Schünemann Verlag, if you still exist, brace yourself

Recently, in a flea market, I bought a little book of excerpts from Marx’s major writings.  It had an introductory essay by Franz Borkenau which was one of the more lucid critical analyses of Marx’s thought I’ve read.  The book also contained a little postcard from the "Carl Schünemann" Verlag (publishing house).  I should perhaps mention that this book was originally published in 1962.  Here is the postcard:


The postcard (see left) first inquires whether the book gave me "what I sought in it."  [It did, thank you very much].  It then invites me to write directly to the Carl Schünemann Verlag, in Bremen, in case I would like a list of titles on: "Documents of the Modern Theater; Belles Lettres or People and Countries", among other possibilities.  On the reverse is a place to write your return address, including a line for Beruf (occupation).  I plan to write in Homme de Lettres as my Beruf, naturally, and request the Carl Schünemann publishing house to send me "Documents on the Modern Theater".

My fantasy is that the Carl Schünemann Verlag still exists, and what’s more, still exists in more-or-less the same form as it existed in 1962.  Elfriede Schünemann-Klopsfresser will receive my postcard with gratification, adjust her horn-rimmed glasses, wander deep into the bowels of the Schünemann Verlag’s underground storage chamber, and retrieve a crumbling copy of "Documents of the Modern Theater: Upcoming Titles 1963."  I will then receive this precious document in the mail.   

Perhaps that’s too much to ask.  In any event, I will be sure to inform Joysters of the outcome.

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