Introducing Slovenian Joys

Yes, this blog was once German Joys, and will once again revert to being German Joys.  But for the next week or so is Slovenian Week here at German Joys, with a festive blog banner to boot.  I will be posting a few reminiscences from my recent trip to Slovenia, an intriguing little country I just spend almost two weeks in. 

The banner is a picture I took of the charming hilltop town of Stanjel, with its distinctive suppository-shaped oval bell-tower.  I suppose now is the time to inform all readers of languages that use diacritical marks that my American laptop doesn’t "do" diacritical marks, so I cannot put the two little horns on the "S" in Stanjel, nor will I be able to put the horns, slash-marks, or cross-hatchings on other letters.  I hope you’ll bear with me.

In any event, the next week will take you all on a journey of discovery to the fabled land of Slovenia, which is not to be confused with Slovakia, one of the two countries that the former Czechoslovakia broke up into.  We’ll meet Slovenian poets, artists, philosophers, and government employees.  We’ll eat Slovenian prosciutto, drink Slovenian wine, fondle Slovenian women (err, maybe not), go deep under the earth into some of Slovenia’s fabled caves, and high into the Julian Alps, the part of the Alps that Slovenia calls its own.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you don’t, I suppose you really don’t have much choice, because this is my blog, and I can do whatever the hell I please with it!

So fasten your seat belts, check your insurance, pour yourself a stiff drink, and join me on a journey to the Green Piece of Europe ™!

4 thoughts on “Introducing Slovenian Joys

  1. … oh wow, that picture is really beautiful! I liked that poem you quoted earlier this week very much, so I’m looking forward to those Slovenian Stories.


  2. Looking forward, too, but: “Green piece of Europe”??? Isn’t there a famous island, a little north of Portugal, west of Great Britain? Where the butter comes from and where the fogs stay forever?


  3. LOL, okay, this interface translates HTML code directly.
    The HTML key word “scaron” between & and ; produces š, and with capital S, it’s Š.


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