German Word of the Week: Gesinnungsfleischwolf

In a recent interview in Der Spiegel (sorry, not free online), Jodie Foster said she found German a very difficult language, but liked the sound of it (or something like that).  Here at German Joys, we agree.  And our new German Word of the Week is proof thereof.

In a recent article in the obscure Krefelder Anzeiger, I came across a sentence containing the GWOW.  It’s a combination of two German words, naturally.  The first is Gesinnung, which means something like "conviction" or "worldview" (although there’s an even better word for worldview, namely Weltanschauung).  The next word is the word for "meat-grinder" in German.  But it’s much more colorful than "meat-grinder."  Fleischwolf, literally translated, is "meat-wolf."  You get the picture.

Anyway, back to the Krefelder Anzeiger.  In an opinion article about the process of forming a new Great Coalition cabinet, the slim, obscure paper had this to say:

Doubtless after the coming weeks of negotiations, both major parties will have to put all their plans and ideals through the meat-grinder of conviction (Gesinnungsfleischwolf), and the result will be a sausage which tastes of the lowest common denominator.

I could again praise the enormous word-combining flexibility of the magical, miracle Lego-language that is German, but I hardly think that’s necessary at this point…


One thought on “German Word of the Week: Gesinnungsfleischwolf

  1. Just “Fleischwolf” itself is a cool word!

    Another “Wolf” word – in portuguese: “boca de lobo” ( Wolf´s mouth) is the name of the iron grille that protects the storm drains. Associating flesh with wolf is ok.. but what the hell have drains to do with wolf??

    Still on grill, a suggestion to GWOW: “Teutonen-grill”


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