Blitzkrieg Bop; or Bubblegum-Nazis

The campus newspaper rarely contains much more than mundane hints about student aids and endless griping about tuition fees.  But the latest issue contained something very special.  Excerpts follow (my translation):

Girlie-Band makes Nazi Music

Right-wing radical music.  In Germany, one thinks generally of raw, loud music with simple-minded lyrics.  While you cannot buy such music on the open market in German, the situation is completely different in America. 

There, the two siblings Lamb and Lynx Gaede, 13-year-old girls from California, formed the nationalistic band "Prussian Blue" to, as they put it, honor their German heritage.

The two twins, who look like thoroughly normal American teenagers, believe in a nationalistic idea.  They grew up in a radically right-wing family whose youngest daugher is named "Dresden," and appear to be completely indoctrinated in right-wing thought.

Prussian_blue_1 [Here they are at left, the adorable little Obersturmbannteenies]


The two teenagers, who by the way are quite proud of their blond hair and blue eyes, sing in the song "Victory": "Children are playing, we have won.  Victory is ours, the war is finally done.  Our people’s dedication is now complete, our enemies have finally been beat [sic]."  The enemies are all those who do not share the same skin color as the Gaede-twins.  After Hurricane Katrina inflicted severe damage in the state of Louisiana, "Prussian Blue" wanted to be generous, so they donated to the victims of the hurricane.  On the condition that the money should only go to whites.

After a hard day speaking out for RaHoWa (RAcial HOly WAr), the twins like to relax and let someone else play the music for a change.  From their website: "We really like Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Green Day, AC/DC, and Alison Krauss. For racial groups we like Final War, CutThroat, Saga, Max Resist, Youngland, Brutal Attack, and of course Skrewdriver. But our all-time favorite is Barney the purple dinosaur!" (emphasis added).

Umm, just how white is Barney the purple dinosaur?

P.S.  To all the FBI and Bundenachrichtendienst (German FBI) agents who are reading this post because the data miner went crazy at all the racist terminology, welcome!  Stick around for a while and check out some of the other posts!

P.P.S.  Since advocating fascism is illegal in Germany, I suppose I should make it clear that this post is for humor/informational purposes only, and I find the ideology represented by the adorable little Nazi-munchkins to be very very very naughty indeed.  If I were their father, I would send them to bed without supper and with a copy of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail.

6 thoughts on “Blitzkrieg Bop; or Bubblegum-Nazis

  1. And Prussians never had this weird costumes, this is of the Southern folks in Germany and there they don´t like the Prussians, prove me wrong here! They hate them, that´s Germany, or?


  2. Jens-Olaf: Actually, what you say is wrong. The costumes the two girls are wearing don’t look like bavarian “Trachten” ( at all. Rather, they closely resemble the typical eastern prussian clothing, which you can see here ( on a photo depicting a meeting of the “Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen”, an organization not too far away from the Nazi-Girlies ideologically. 😉


  3. I also read this in “Campus Delicti” yesterday, our Leftie-Propaganda-Magazine, and – apart from the bizarre story – once again learned a fascinating new girl’s name: “Dresden”. Reminded me of those Hollywood celebrities naming their children after the place they conceived them…”Dallas”, “Brooklyn” or “Castrop-Rauxel”.

    And “Barney, der Dinosaurier” (I never thought i would hear about this creature again in my entire life) was the seed of all children’s TV shows of the middle 90s. In German, it was even more crappy, because the synchronization was even worse than those of “South Park”.

    And yeah, the post perfectly fits into the category: “German Pop Music”. 😉


  4. The comment abot “German Pop Music” has been made. What else to add? Nitpicking!
    I: There’s no point in making a pic clickable, when it doesn’t zoom at all. In fact, it even get’s smaller.

    II: As I see it, Germany has no FBI while the BND is the equivalent of the CIA. Although maybe the BfV gets close…?


  5. I can see a familiar pattern emerging, the like of which can only happen in America. They’ll both be on Oprah in about 10-15 years telling *cough* The True, Heart-Wrenching Story (*sob*), bemoaning the emotional abuse they suffered at the hands of a – quite frankly – controlling nutjob of a mother.

    They’ll write a book, dedicate it to all mixed marriages everywhere and place all the proceeds from sales of said book into educational start-up programmes for illegal immigrants. A film of their childhood will be commissioned, directed by Spielberg and starring Paris Hilton’s twin daughters, Dolce and Gabbana.

    Such will be their redemption. A nation will weep with joy. God Bless America.


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