The Joy is Growing

Just a note about growth here from the Director of Market Research here at German Joys‘ Rhineland regional Headquarters.

Typepad does let you keep track of the growth of your blog, but doesn’t print out charts for you.  Therefore the following chart was done by yours truly, and pretty amateurishly.  (Before you complain, though, remember to ask yourself how much you’re paying for this premium-quality German Joys content…)

Blog_stats_new_6As you can see, German Joys is growing, and in fact there’s been a growth spurt in the last week, when the stats jumped up to 5000 hits per week.  Hmmm, so many readers means more pressure to perform, so I’d better drive some of you away.  I suppose I could program Stockhausen to play in the background.  Or treat my readers to some of the poetry I wrote when I was seventeen.  Or perhaps more dry discussions of employment policy.  I’ll think of something.

Anyway, thanks to all readers for the interest and the interesting comments.  I hope you stick with me and keep the discussions going in the comment section.

3 thoughts on “The Joy is Growing

  1. I am one of the recently added readers. I enjoy your blog and I think it is great. I have linked to it from my blog. I just started my blog about my move from San Francisco to Duesseldorf coming up December 20, 2005. I don’t speak German, yet, so I am a little nervous, but I am sure I will do fine. Keep up the great work!


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