I ♥ David Hasselhoff

Indeed, David Hasselhoff, like Paul Auster and Jim Jarmusch, is a much bigger star in Germany than in the U.S.  I don’t know exactly why, but perhaps this video for "Hooked on a Feeling" helps explain it.  Let me quote from an email I wrote to a friend after he sent me this link:

I will tell you something, without a drop of shame.  I enjoyed the hell out of the song and the video.  All of it.  The angels, the Masai warriors, the inexplicable detour to Alaska, the foreshortened background featuring dancing businessmen.  It was catchy, irresistible, and not without a disarming dose of self-deprecation.  A frothy, senseless celebration of lighthearted, lightheaded love.

And I stand by that.  David, ich hab’ dich gaaaanz lieb!!!

4 thoughts on “I ♥ David Hasselhoff

  1. Argh! WTF is that video?? Was it produced on the 80´s? The “special effects” and the concepts are the same from a videoclip that I loved when I was ten.. with a bunch of kids and clowns “flying over” Rio de Janeiro and other touristy backgrounds.

    David Hasselhoff is an interesting phenomenom in Germany. Back to de early 90´s when I started learning german by myself reading “Bravo” magazine (yes.. I have to confess that…!). The first issue I´ve seen from “Bravo” had David Hasselhoff as coverboy. I thought he was some German Star. What a surprise to see later on that he had a main character on “Baywatch” series and that he sings 😛


  2. David Hasselhoff?? I thought it was just the Americans who have no taste in aesthetics and assign cult-status to zero-talented poesers of Bread n’Circuses pop culture, so what gives? Hasselhof is a B-actor at this end and few remember who he is. Can’t recollect if David was any teeny bopper’s heart-throp either at this end, but I have never been much of a TV viewer or have kept up with the Entertainment pages of contemp(t)orary culture.

    Guess this is similar to that American untalented drunken scribbler, Charles Bukowski, had such a starry-eyed following at that end, when he was a nobody here for most of his time – until Hollywood left-wing barfbags like Comrade Sean Penn began to drool all over him to give this guy status here…

    Clue me in here, please: what’s the significance of the Vandyke beard drawn on Goethe’s portrait at the top of this site? Just curious.


  3. Hasselhoff is beyond parody. He’s so far beyond it that he’s come out the other side and will probably sit alongside Nick Cave and Joy Division as ‘Biggest Cult Acts Of Our Time’.

    (and yes, I have spelt the word ‘cult’ correctly)


  4. You’re evil Andrew, that’s what you are. Pure Evil. Shame on you bringing this historic sin back to the forefront of our attention.

    When it comes to Hasselhoff, I hope you’re not applying collective guilt to the whole of Germany?


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