As You Drink, Think of The People Who Owe You Money

A while aInkasso_1go I was out with friends at a nice bar.  A female friend came back from the womens’ bathroom with an interesting paper towel.  They apparently have ads on them in this bar including the ad at left, which is for a…collection agency.  On the right it says "No Heart [that is, no sympathy] for Debtors"!  To the left, it lists the services provided:

  • Debt Collection with personal debt collection [senseless repetition in original]
  • Business Information Service [whatever that might mean]
  • Investigations

What interested me is not so much the fact that there is advertising for debt-collection services in Germany.  In hard times like these, it must be a booming industry.  The American equivalent is surely the advertisement for the tough, smart personal-injury lawyer, complete with the list of injuries that you can turn into cold, hard cash!!  This offer covers those old favorites automobile collisions, defective products, aviation crashes, and industrial plant accidents; but don’t forget more exotic candidates like Toxic Torts, Vioxx; and the deeply unsettling category of — ye Gods! — Welding Rod Exposure

So no, it doesn’t surprise me that collection agencies are advertising in Germany.  What does surprise me is that they are advertising a) in the women’s restroom [not the men’s!]; of b) a nice, but not fashionable bar, in a very ordinary part of town; and finally c) on disposable paper hand-towels.  That surprises me.  Perhaps it shouldn’t.

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