Heiner Lauterbach’s a-Drinkin’ and Whorin’

German actor Heiner Lauterbach, star of various films I’ve never seen, has something he wants to tell (G) us. "I drank and I whored!" runs the title of the article.  After describing why so few men are good at group sex, Lauterbach

…speaks just as openly and unreservedly about his 25-year addiction to alcohol. "I went to the bar at 11 in the morning and drank twelve hours straight. That was sometimes extremely amusing and sometimes rather stupid." Drinking was just plain a "banal thing to do," Lauterbach’s motive was simple boredom.

If there’s anything I’ve never associated movie stars with, it’s boredom. If group sex, drug abuse, and the adulations of millions of fans can’t dispel boredom, what hope is there for the rest of us?

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