Watch helplessly as German Engineers Un-pimp Your Ride

Too many boring policy monologues here recently, and too little joy.  So let me link to the lively new blog AngloFritz, which recently commented on and trackbacked to two German Joys posts.  [Good point about the recidivism, I’ll look into that soon.  Which means more policy, of course.  Pour yourself a stiff drink.]

As I browsed with pleasure through the blog, I found a post linking to recent VW ads in which white-clad German engineers un-pimp, or rather ün-pimp, the rides of several troubled urban youths.  Watch and learn as Karl-Heinz drops some serious Ordnung on the unsuspecting Amis…

3 thoughts on “Watch helplessly as German Engineers Un-pimp Your Ride

  1. Very (artificially?) blond, aggressively styled femininity, strong accent (not sounding german enough to be ‘german english’ btw.): Helga must be a Russian.


  2. If it were not for the well known connection between Volkswagen and Hitler, the ads MIGHT be funny.

    But the underlying message is that we are the master race, eg. Hitler’s Nazi propaganda.

    Instead of killing Jews, this time they are Killing Japanese cars. Automotive genocide.

    I was most offended by the deptction of the black guy as a felonious (slaver, pimp)loser that cannot even speak english. Were any of the white actors Jewish?

    According to a spokesman from Volkswagon, they have had several complaints, not about the racist undertones, but because they destroyed perfectly good cars. They probably smashed the supercharged car (was it a corvette?) because they had no chance in hell of beating it in a race.

    Makes me ashamed of my German Ancestry. We traded our VW for a honda almost 20 years ago, and VW’s are a crackerjack toy compared to the Japanese cars.


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