German Joys Goes to Paris

Hello Joysters!

From the 16th of March to the 31st, the German Joys Editorial Staff, that is, me, will be in Paris for a two-week intensive French course. 

The staff, that is, me, will return on the 31st of March.  during that time, I will try to post some entries.  However, you may notice the posts taking on a disturbingly, err, French character. Yes, this is very regrettable.  As Ian Fleming wrote in 1960, Paris’ "heart was gone….pawned to the tourists, pawned to the Russians and Rumanians and Bulgars, pawned to the scum of the world which had gradually taken the town over."

As a "scum of the earth," I plan, in my obnoxiously American way, to also "take Paris over."  But I hope you will bear with me during this attempt.  I promise that, come 1 April, German Joys will return to healthy Teutonic content.

Until then, à bientôt, Joysters!

2 thoughts on “German Joys Goes to Paris

  1. Check out Harry’s New York Bar, 5 Rue Danou. Talk to the bartenders and try to figure out by their accent whether they are French or American. Surprisingly difficult!!


  2. Bonne chance avec ta journee, Andrew! I was in Paris in December and found it as lovely as always:
    I highly recommend the St. Germaine neighborhood, which I visited for the first time and loved. It includes the wonderful Cafe des Flores. Also, don’t miss Bofinger, near the new opera house (I haven’t written about that part of my trip yet).


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