French Words of the Week

There comes a time in life when you finally settle down into a stable relationship.  The relationship can take many forms: it might be a marriage, might be shacking up.  The point is, you’ve stopped looking, and you’re ready to work on building a life à deux. The French call this stabilisation sentimentale.  According to some French government study, it happens to French men when they’re 36 years old, and French women when they’re 29.

A concussion is a commotion cérébrale (F).

And now, the pièce de résistance.  What the American military calls an "Improvised Explosive Device," or a homemade bomb, is called, in French, a bombe artisanale.  Add your own cynical jokes in the comments…

One thought on “French Words of the Week

  1. I looooove it!!!

    (specialement la mention de la commotion cerebrale dans le meme article que la stabilisation sentimentale)


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