Kurt Tucholsky in English translated by Indeterminacy

Over at the aptly-named http://kurttucholsky.blogspot.com/, Indeterminacy has begun translating pieces by the Weimar-era satirist, pamphleteer and poet Kurt Tucholsky (G).  A sample, from Tucholsky’s short 1919 essay "What May Satire Do?" [answer: everything]:

We should not be so narrow-minded. We, all of us, school teachers and shop owners and professors and editors and musicians and doctors and public officials and women and representatives of the people – we all have our shortcomings and comical sides and foibles great and small. We must not be so quick to protest ("Butcher’s Guild, protect your holiest of goods!") when once in a while someone tells a really good joke about us. It might be mean, but it should be honest. There isn’t a proper man or a proper class that cannot stand a fair shove. He might defend himself by the same means, he might strike back – but he should not turn away injured, outraged, offended. A cleaner wind would blow through our public life, would they all not take it badly.

Go have a look!

3 thoughts on “Kurt Tucholsky in English translated by Indeterminacy

  1. Hi, thank you for helping to draw attention to my Tucholsky translations. I really feel that now is the time to read Tucholsky in America, and hope that my small contribution will bring that about.

    I’ve added a link back to your blog – it seemed like the least I could do, and you do have a useful/informative site here.


  2. Have you translated Tucholskys

    Weltwirtschaftskrise? I would like to spread its wisdom in the USA.

    Thank you
    Ilse Baker


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