Chainsaws, Loincloths, Eurovision

This band is Finland’s entry to the 2006 Eurovision song contest:

They’re called Lordi. They sing songs like "Chainsaw Buffet." According to the New York Times, after they were nominated to represent Finland, "critics called for President Tarja Halonen to use her constitutional powers to veto the band and nominate a traditional Finnish folk singer instead."

Lead singer Tomi Putaansuu said ""In Finland, we have no Eiffel Tower, few real famous artists, it is freezing cold and we suffer from low self-esteem. Finns nearly choked on their cereal when they realized we were the face Finland would be showing to the world."

I have mixed feelings about Lordi, despite my general approval of blood-spurting chainsaws and leather loincloths. On the one hand, mocking the Eurovision song contest is a national industry in the English-speaking world, providing needed subject matter to thousands of music journalists. From this perspective, the Eurovision song contest needs more, not fewer traditional Finnish folk singers.

But maybe it would actually be good for humanity if the ESC somehow became hip. Assuming, of course, that a higher global level of hipness is desirable. In any case, Lordi’s still playing catchup, considering that GWAR (featuring Oderus Urungus) was spurting blood on its audiences way back in the mid-1980s…

9 thoughts on “Chainsaws, Loincloths, Eurovision

  1. That band is so lame, their ‘costumes’ are just a rip off of the alien creature that was in the Predator movies starring Arnold S. Go get some originality – if it exists in Finland. If having trouble coming up with something original, drink some of the Finnish vodka they sell here in the US.


  2. There are some very enjoyable (to me at least) traditional Finnish folk groups. Värttinä is one of the most internationally well-known ones. I get the feeling that Eurovision is a demo on how Europeans can make crap culture as the best of Americans 🙂


  3. I don’t see a Predator Creature there, perhaps you had too much of that Vodka ? 🙂

    Neverthless Lordi is pretty boring, their music is nothing new or interesing. But if you compare them to the rest of the Eurovision bands they are pretty cool.
    At least it’s Roll ‘n’ Roll, Baby 😉

    Personally I would like to see Immortal play at the Contest, but that isn’t going to happen.


  4. Mocking the contest a sport just in the english speaking world? Don’t you remember Alf Igel and Guildo Horn? I didn’t see it myself but was told Guildo delivered an absolutely stunning performance. Stefan Raab may not be the funniest guy around, but in ridiculing the Eurovision contest he was big. If I remember correctly he was so good at it, he even got in trouble with some Volksmusikanten (not folk musicians!).

    Also I’ll never forget how one of Knorkator destroyed his organ with an axe in sync to the music, “Ick wer zun Schwein!” was the song AFAIK. 😀


  5. Finnish vodka? Nah. If you want to be relly original try having carnal knowledge with your Nokia. That’ll do the trick after the battery discharges…..


  6. I think Varttina should participate the Eurovision 2007. They represent Finnish folk music in a fresh and professional way, and they are an amazing live act. I saw their videos on youtube and inmediatly became a fan.


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