LiveBlogging Eurovision I

9:50 PM: The German voice-over is most amusing. The unseen speaker gives his immediate impressions of the songs, and translates the moronic phrase-making of the hosts ("You’re the greatest crowd in the history of Eurovision") with delicious irony.  The past few entries have been formulaic Top 40 from Eastern Europe.  The singers look like nail-salon employees (female) or male hustlers waiting outside the train station (male).

9:55 PM: A touch of class: Bosnian Hari Mata hari wears a white suit with a lily in the button-hole, sings against a starry background with a vaguely Greek-chorus accompaniment, and avoids theatrics and, most importantly, break-dancing. The song is sung in Bosnian, and is actually lovely, with a folk-music tinge and a heart-moistening Balkan climax. 

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