LiveBlogging Eurovision IV

10:40 PM: Turkey’s heavily-tatooed singer, well on the north side of 30, looks like she just stepped (or perhaps better, crawled) out of a porn video, which is of course a compliment. Dress looks like shiny mother-of-pearl colored couch upholstery. The song appears to be half-Turkish and half-English, and deals vaguely with the theme "superstar."

10:43 PM: Armenia’s fielded a pleasantly-olive-skinned young man with a yearning expression. Musical accompaniment features a small stretch of squealing Armenian bagpipe (called the turniesdrtacntien. Perhaps). Touches of S&M in the choreography.

10:55 PM: The wrap-up and voting! Damn, I’m excited!

An American actress of Greek ancestry is co-hosting the event. Nana Mouskouri is now onstage, speaking French, then English, and perhaps some Greek. The German commentator is Peter Urban. I’m glad I missed Switzerland. I’m sad I missed the healthy blondes of Norway. Where did Israel get a gospel choir? Germany most certainly deserves to win with its turbocharged but still appropriately twangy Texas swing.

Wait, here comes Bosnia’s super-soulful Hari Mata Hari again, and he’s tugging at the strings of my heart again.  For me, it’s down to Germany or Bosnia. Who will Europe choose?

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