LiveBlogging Eurovision V: And the Winner Is…

11:00 PM: I’ve spent 3 minutes giving the matter thoughtful consideration, and I’ve chosen Hari Mata Hari from Bosnia, because he sang in his own language, he reminded me of Wayne Newton, and the truly outstanding song’s stuck in my memory. Sorry, Texas Lightning. You’re number 2 in my heart.

But who will Europe choose? The votes are being counted while a Greek Chrous prances colorfully about the stage. Now an angel has arisen from their midst. A horrifyingly hot Greek angel. Female dancers dressed, inexplicably, in Green Arrow-style tights are diverting us while the accountants count the SMS’s. now Orthodox monks are marching about somberly. Will somebody please shut off that damned bazouki? No, apparently, they won’t. Peter Urban, the German commentator, is continuing his dry, objective German commentary. Yes! Slovenia, one of my favorite European countries is now being mixed in.

The point-counting system appears to be mind-breakingly complex. Now to the postage-stamp-sized countrylet of Andorra, then Romania, then Denmark. The countries seem to be voting for their neighbors. Finland’s beginning to break away. Germany’s getting creamed. UK as well, and deservedly so. Finland gave most of its points to Russia, perhaps for appeasement reasons. Serbia-Montenegro is voting, perhaps for the last time as a two-country bloc. Nobody understands the Finnish signs. Finland is beginning to pull away from the pack. Poor France, still 0 points. Malta gives 12 points to Switzerland, which the German commentator, in his best German, calls "strange."

UK gives five points to Germany. That’s reassuring. The UK gives its points to Finland, to honor its attempt to genuinely rock. France’s announcer is speaking only French, showing a bit of linguistic nationalism. The German announcer sounds as if he’d like to leave for the nearest bar, even as he announces the points from German voters. Germany’s announcer is riding a mechanical bull. Germany has given Finland a nearly insurmountable lead, but gives 12 points to Turkey, no surprise. Spain’s announcer is speaking French, for some gloriously European reason. Now from Moldova. [Where the hell is Moldova?] According to the German commentator, Iceland’s contribution, which got them thrown out on Thursday, was "very shrill."

The real country fans, says the German announcer, live in Albania, which gave Germany 5 points. Greece is hosting the contest, but cannot afford an actual live picture of the Parthenon in the background as the vote is announced. Finland has it officially wrapped up. The comment from Germany: "Finland. My God."

And that wraps up the live blogging!

5 thoughts on “LiveBlogging Eurovision V: And the Winner Is…

  1. Will someone tell me why Germans are obsessed with ‘Texas Lightning’? That is the name of bootleg liquor aged maybe 5 minutes or so….


  2. We watched parts of the contest down here in NZ over the BBC’s livestream, and I can only say that the German’s this time really deserved to win.

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