Soccer Fans Avoiding the Red Lights

German brothel owners shipped in 40,000 new hookers to satisfy the needs of horny soccer fans, or so the story went a few months ago. Now, to use the old German saying, it’s "dead pants" (quiet as a mouse) inside the brothels, the Washington Post reports:

"The pent-up sexual demand of horny fans from around the world which has been widely anticipated has not materialized at all," said Karolina Leppert, president of Germany’s association for sexual service providers BSD.

"Business is pretty dead, even the regulars stay away because of all the crowds and the hype," said Leppert, who has been working as a dominatrix in Berlin for eight years.

5 thoughts on “Soccer Fans Avoiding the Red Lights

  1. Incidentally, the “dead pants” are not quite as innocuous as “quiet as a mouse”, though you may well be aware of that. German “dead pants” started out as drug users’ slang in the 60s and refers to “no life in the trousers”, i.e. lifeless one-eyed trouser snakes or whatever colourful metaphor of choice you prefer. If I remember correctly.


  2. Why?
    hire an expensive prostitute that will negociate each additional service carefully, if you can get for free a soccer fan as drunk as you?

    Maybe that´s the reason…


  3. Dead Pants?!!!! That is soooo bad!

    How about ‘There is no “tent” there?…..

    The problem is that drunkeness and libido (or at least the ability to do anything about the libido) are contrary variables. The more drink the less ‘pants’. So with all those boozy Brits over there it follows that there is less action. The Brits tend to be all talk and little action anyway…. 😉


  4. Hello All,
    What do you think, if Zidane was not to hit Materazzi in that finals game would the outcome be different? Would the French have enough strength to actualy score?
    I believe that nothing would have changed!
    Zidane Game
    TITLE: The Superiority of American Culture and Sports
    BLOG NAME: Atlantic Review
    DATE: 07/12/2006 04:53:45 PM
    According to a PEW Research Center poll from 2004, a larger share of Americans than Germans, French and others agrees with the statement Our people are not perfect, but our culture is superior; as shown in the right table from PEW. Of course,


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