German Joys Goes to Poland

Hello everybody. Sorry about the light posting lately. First it was a rush of last-minute tasks as the semester ended, then, this weekend, I spilled coffee on my Toshiba Satellite laptop keyboard. The spill forced me to become much more intimate with my laptop, which is a healthy and natural process nobody should be ashamed of.

I didn’t know this before, but it’s actually pretty easy to fix laptop keyboards (at least Toshiba ones, that is), unless the spilled liquid goes deep within them. Removing the keyboard is surprisingly easy: you pry up a plastic strip, remove three screws, and then you can lift the keyboard up, exposing the guts of the laptop.

The keyboard is connected to the rest of the laptop by a thin, flat brown foil strip with micro-thin gold connectors at the end. You can just pull these (carefully!) out of their socket, and walk around with the keyboard. I let the coffee drip out over my sink, and then cleaned the whole think with alcohol-based keyboard cleaner

The important thing is that afterwards, you have to let the keyboard dry completely before you reattach it. This means propping it in front of a fan for 48 straight hours, until every molecule of moisture deep within the plastic and foil guts of the keyboard is gone. (If you plug it in too soon, before it’s totally dry, your computer will go crazy, thinking that you’re somehow pressing the y,5,r,s, and control keys simultaneously, 4000 times a second). It takes a while, but it works, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the repair shop.

So now, after providing you with an excuse for the lack of recent posts, here comes another excuse. The German Joys editorial team flies tomorrow to Poland for a mildly-needed vacation. The team will start in Gdansk, then meander down to finally end up in Krakow, before flying from Krakow back to German Joys Plaza on the 29th. I hope a few posts will show up, since Typepad, in the course of recent service improvements, has actually fixed their email-posting option, which is a big plus.

But before I go, I will deliver you a very special Word of the Week, and perhaps one or two other things. Thanks for your patience.

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