He Came. They Stripped. He Conquered.

Spiegel Online reports on Spencer Tunick’s photo shoot with 840 naked Germans yesterday in Duesseldorf’s Musem Kunst Palast. And of course, provides uncensored photos, including lots of naughty bits, for those of you who like naughty bits. The local newspaper Rheinische Post provides 52, count ’em 52, photos here.

Overall, they’re a pretty handsome crowd, these Duesseldorfers.

The article reports Tunick’s difficulty in being taken seriously, but gives his work an approving nod: Tunick is a kind of sculptor who specializes in "makine the structures of public space insecure," and, at his best, interestingly tweaks the conventions of nudity in Western art. One dpa (German Press Agency) reporter was a bit unsettled by the "associations" brought up by displaying stacked, naked human bodies in Germany — especially in a courtyard that also contained a monumental female marble nude by Hitler’s favorite artist, Arno Breker.

Tunick himself is shy — he’s only undressed once for his art.

2 thoughts on “He Came. They Stripped. He Conquered.

  1. Hello
    For more on Spencer’s work, or those who pose for him come to http://www.spencertunickforum.org

    As Spencer comes fro a Jewish family, though I don’t think he practices actively, I’m sure he is aware of the bad associations brought to mind and this is one of his ways to try to erase that and replace those images with a newer healthy set of “body images” sorry-couldn’t resist that play on words.


  2. Oh, boy. Isn´t he about one generation late with that boring hippie stuff? Getting naked in public. This is so innovative, I can´t remember seeing anything remotely like it. Honest.


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