A Bunch of Non-Communist Punks

Ksu_mainHardcore punk — an international movement, with followers behind the Iron Curtain.

I didn’t know that last fact until I saw Episode 10 of Kieslowski’s Decalogue, which features a Polish hardcore band. I brought back from Polska a record called 22 Polish Punk Classics. One of the bands is called KSU (photo at left).

According to the international hardcore punk history site Kill From The Heart, KSU were formed in 1977, and quickly moved from covering traditional rock to playing punk in the tradition of the "Sex Pistols, Damned, Wire, UK Subs and Polish BRAK."

Back when I was a young lad in the U.S., hardcore was the bee’s knees. Everyone wanted to be the first on their block with the new Black Flag or Fear record. American and British punks had problems with authority, but authority didn’t return the favor. Not so in Poland. Take it away, Kill From the Heart chronicler "Konrad":

Around [1978, KSU] they have sent a letter to Radio Free Europe asking them to play punk records which were banned from the Polish record stores. RFE follows up with their request and dedicates the songs to them. Since listening to RFE was illegal in communist Poland, the members of KSU were arrested and their homes were searched. Soon after those incidents the band starts an organization called Wolna Republika Bieszczadzka (Free Republic of Bieszczady) which again leads to arrests and searches. WRB’s goal was to preserve the ecosystem and the cultural traditions of the Bieszczady Mountains.

From 1980 to 1985, the two founding members were "drafted into the army one after the other," but managed to keep the band alive until the mid 1990s.

Here, a German Joys exclusive: KSU’s 1986 anthem "Liban" (big mp3 download). I have no idea what it’s about (perhaps " the cultural traditions of the Bieszczady Mountains"). But it rocks.

One thought on “A Bunch of Non-Communist Punks

  1. the song Liban is about the situation in Lebanon in 1980’s, beceause the song was written in 1988. UnfortunTELLY THE SITUATION has repeated recently and we had a new war in Lebanon.

    the words (in Polish)

    “Kolejny rok, a Liban plonie, kolejny taniec , nad wlasnym grobem,
    w imie Chrystusa i Mahometa, zywe torpedy gina w plomieniach”

    the translation is difficult it’s a sth like that:
    “Next year and the Lebanon is still in fire, the next dance on your own grave , in the name of Christ and Mahomet, lively torpedos burn in fire”

    if you want to know more about KSU songs about the Bieszczady mountains I suggest visiting the official webpage of the band http://mcon.pl/~ksu/index.php?akcja=dyskografia/dyskografia.php,
    where you can find more songs.

    The longplay “Moje Bieszczady” from 1993 was devoted to war in Yougoslavia, war in general and The Bieszczady Mountains.
    you may download the songs “Moje Bieszczady”, and “Moje Bieszczady II”
    “Gory az do nieba,
    i zieleni szczyt,
    polna droga posrod kwiatow
    i zlamany krzyz etc…”


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