The €1,000 Blind Slovenian Cave Beetle

According to Spiegel Online English Edition, Nazi insect enthusiasts are snapping up a blind cave beetle found in Slovenia which, unfortunately, happens to be named Anophtalmus hitleri:

"There’s a real run on the animals. Collectors are encroaching on their natural habitats," Martin Baehr, a beetle expert at Munich’s zoological research institute, told the DPA news agency. The institute’s collection of beetles has been almost completely stolen, as they fetch upwards of €1,000 on the open market.

But how did unlucky beetle become saddled with its rather unfortunate name in the first place? Apparently Der Führer was flattered in the 1930s when Oscar Scheibel, a German insect enthusiast, discovered a blind cave-dwelling beetle in Slovenia and decided to give it Hitler’s name. Maybe it was the bug’s brown coloring — matching Hitler’s sartorial taste in uniforms — that pleased the Nazi leader.

Step 1: Activate Slovenian connections, import several dozen Hitleri. Step 2: Get them in a romantic mood (plenty of fresh dung, limestone) Step 3: Make contact with neo-Nazis. Step 4: Buy island.

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