Pictures from Poland

The monument to shipyard workers killed in Gdansk, the Baltic sea port, by government troops during unrest in 1970 which was triggered by food prices. Erected in 1980, it’s the only monument built by a Communist government to victims of its own repression. Note that it consists of three tall crosses on which anchors are crucified.


Young women sitting on a park bench in Gdansk.


The Church of the Holy Trinity in Gdansk was damaged during World War II. Local art students have started to rebuild it as a class project. Here is Christ, who once hung above the rood screen as the centerpiece of a Gothic crucifixion scene created around 1500. He’s bald because religious sculptures created in Poland at this time were fitted out with wigs of real human hair to make them more realistic.


An extended family enjoying a break in the park on a sizzling hot day in Warsaw.


A nun talking to a department store security guard in Cracow.


Graffiti near the New Jewish Cemetery in the Kazimierz quarter of Cracow.


A memorial plaque dedicated to the visit of German Social Democratic Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt to Warsaw in December 1970, during which he fell to his knees in front of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising memorial.


Girl standing inside a sculpture called ‘Eros Bendato’ on the Great Square in Cracow.


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