Adolf and the Leasing Contract

Something for the German-understanders out there.

Some lovable misfits took an audiotape of a comedian’s routine (don’t know which comedian) about an utterly banal legal dispute with a car dealership relating to a "Leasing-Vertrag" (leasing contract). They then synchronized it seamlessly to a videotape of a speech being given by a controversial German Austrian statesman in a large assembly hall filled with torches and flags.

I laughed until I cried, and then was filled with shame. Then I forgave myself, and watched the video again. (Hat-tip Ed P.)

2 thoughts on “Adolf and the Leasing Contract

  1. Hilarious!

    BTW: The comedian is most probably Gerhard Polt, whom you really should try to see and listen to. There’s also a movie by him, “Man spricht deutsh [sic]” about Germans’ behaviour abroad (devastatingly funny). Together with his friends “Biermösl Blosn” he made the infamous interpretation of the Bavarian anthem “Gott mit dir du Land der Baywa”. (, incl. MP3)


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