One Reason to Leave Texas, One Reason to Miss Texas

The Dallas Morning News reports that Texas Governor Rick Perry, "after a God and country sermon attended by dozens of political candidates Sunday, said that he agreed with the minister that non-Christians will be condemned to hell. ‘In my faith, that’s what it says, and I’m a believer of that,’ the governor said."

Independent candidate for Texas Governor Kinky Friedman, former lead singer of Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys, and author of such tunes as "They Ain’t Makin’ Jews like Jesus Anymore", had this reaction:

"He doesn’t think very differently from the Taliban, does he?" independent Kinky Friedman said.

Mr. Friedman, a Jew, said Mr. Perry’s comment "hits pretty close to home."

"Being obsessed with who’s going to heaven and who’s going to hell is kind of a pathetic waste of time," he said.

551,787 Texans (12.6% of the electorate) just voted for Kinky. But Perry was re-elected by 1,710,565 other Texans. Presumably all Christians.

2 thoughts on “One Reason to Leave Texas, One Reason to Miss Texas

  1. With this post we(non-US)could witness that the elections campaigns over there in the North America wasn´t just about playmates soliciting candidates and pederastian priests.

    BTW: I want a Friedman´s “May the GOD of your choice bless you” T-shirt! but they seem to be sold out 😦


  2. Lemm guess. You miss Perry and think ‘Kinky and the Texas Jewboys’ is a good reason to leave? ;)I’m not sure what kind of governor Freidman would have made – but he does seem to have a sense of humor.

    Perhaps Perry does as well. It’s one thing to beat one’s opponent but despatching them to hotter climes has a certain comic potential don’tcha think? Maybe Rick can be a guest actor on ‘King of the Hill’ or (better) South Park?


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