Le Chansonist Deutsch

This morning on Deutschland Radio Kultur I heard a few songs from Dirk Loombeek’s (G) new Loombeek album, In den Tiden der Stadt, which was billed as a sort of extended love-song to Berlin. His model is the French chansonnier.

Anyone who knows me knows that, despite being fully heterosexual, I am a fan of le chanson francophone, whether it’s classical (Faure, Hahn, Debussy), classic (Trenet, Piaf, etc.), or the young French chansonniers who are reviving this sort of music-making (about whom I don’t know enough).

Monsieur Loombeek seems to favor the meditative, half-drunk sort of chanson (kind of a male Juliette Greco, perhaps), and his backing band, the Norden Ensemble, drenched his lyrics in just the right amount of nostalgia and accordion. It’s a tad jarring to hear this sort of stuff sung in German, but the shock of the Teutonic wore off soon, and I was impressed.

I plan to pick up a few of his records (one called Chansons has been out for a while now) and will dutifully review them on this site in the name of general public edification.

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