Good German Online Music Store?

This is what’s known as a "bleg," in which I "beg" on a "blog." That is, the blogger asks his readers for help with something.

I’m interested in ordering a few music CDs (among them by Dirk Loombeek), but I don’t want to use I’d rather use a German firm that sells mail-order music. Does anyone know of a German firm that has a user-friendly website, a nice big selection, and delivers music in Germany quickly and reliably? (Yes, I sometimes use, but I find them to be kind of slow, and they send you a lot of envelopes containing unnecessary paper invoices, for some reason).

Note: I have nothing in particular against Amazon (I’ve used them before), and I’m not trying to start some sort of political discussion. I just have a policy of usually trying to buy stuff at local neighborhood stores instead of chains, wherever possible, and I’d like to extend that policy to online purchases. Can anyone help me out here?

6 thoughts on “Good German Online Music Store?

  1. Thanks for the comment, Dirk, I’m happy to order from your website.

    But I want to order both ‘Chansons’ and the new CD. Your website promises the new CD “ab 30. Oktober 2006”, but I can’t find it available for sale anywhere online, including your website.

    I can see what the new CD looks like. I’ve heard a few tracks from it. But it doesn’t seem to exist yet. Please let us know when we can finally get our grubby little hands on it!


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