World Leaders in Pretty Dresses

Can I just say that I always look forward to Asian economic summits, because they usually lead to pictures world leaders wearing brightly-colored dresses in public? Yes, I know these things are called ao dai and there’s some profound cultural meaning I’m missing here.

But ain’t it just adorable? Boys seem to get blue, girls pink. The girls (in this case, President Michelle Bachelet of Chile) also get the hats, which makes it them look like medieval Marys with halos. I don’t have anywhere to go with this, except to say I just wish there were some way to make world leaders dress like this all the time.

One thought on “World Leaders in Pretty Dresses

  1. It reminds me of a scene described by historian Barabara Tuchman in “The Proud Tower”, a history of Europe before WWI.

    She describes a grizzled iron-haired Prussian general dancing grcefully in front of an audience of his fellow officers (and the Kaiser!) in a ballerina tutu! She said is was a custom. Maybe a little like the annual press dinner in DC where the President shows up to hear himself put down by smartasses.


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