Please Check Box For Unspecified Social Change

Courtesy of Riesenmaschine, I bring you a question (G-PDF) presented to the citizens of Berlin on 17 September 2006, concerning the "New Regulations on Referenda and Petitions for Referenda":

Ballot Question: Do you agree to the changes in Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution of the City of Berlin, as published on pages 446 and 447 of the Law- and Regulations-Gazette of Berlin on 3 June 2006?   


Kathrin Passig of Riesenmaschine comments (G):

The ordinary citizem, steeled by years of psychological testing and market research, recognizes that the question is hardly meant to be taken at face value. Something completely different is being tested here, namely: how many Berliners are willing to vote on some completely invented subject? And how many of them will choose the progressive "yes" option ("Change! Change is always good!") and how many the conservative ("I have no idea what it is, but I want it to remain exactly the same.").

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