Socialist Takes Over (a Tiny Part of) America

Congratulations to the State of Vermont, which just elected the United States’ first-ever sBernie_sandersocialist senator, Bernie Sanders:

"Bernard Sanders (I) [Independent] is the first self-proclaimed socialist to become a U.S. senator. The eight-term congressman, known to voters as Bernie, ran on a populist platform, promising to empower farmers, veterans, the elderly and the indigent. […]

While campaigning, Sanders told reporters that the United States should learn from the democratic socialist models in Northern Europe."

Appropriately, Sanders’ opponent was a "near-billionaire" businessman who a ctually did call Sanders a "red." You can visit Sanders’ website,, here. Don’Vermont_1t miss the socialist video game. Who says they’re all humorless radicals?

Vermont is sort of like the Saarland of the USA, so don’t read too much into this story…

6 thoughts on “Socialist Takes Over (a Tiny Part of) America

  1. “Vermont is sort of like the Saarland of the USA, so don’t read too much into this story…”

    Or so you wish. A socialist from the Saaland ruled East Germany for almost 20 years. Har har.


  2. I like especially the expression “democratic socialist models in Northern Europe” – that must be a nightmare for US free market fundamentalists…

    According to the World Economic Forum, in 2006, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden were the World’s most competitive economies, followed by Denmark, Singapore, the United States, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The US showed the most pronounced drop:

    “‘The top rankings of Switzerland and the Nordic countries show that good institutions and competent macroeconomic management, coupled with world-class educational attainment and a focus on technology and innovation, are a successful strategy for boosting competitiveness in an increasingly complex global economy. Business activity in these countries benefits from a well-developed institutional framework, characterized by the rule of law, an efficient judicial system and high levels of transparency and accountability within public institutions. Excellent infrastructure is an additional positive feature of the business environment. Our indicators point to the rapidly growing importance of higher education and training as engines of productivity growth. Countries that, like the Nordics, are investing heavily in education are likely to see rising levels of income per capita, growing success in reducing poverty and an increasing ability to establish a presence in the global economy,’ said Augusto Lopez-Claros, Chief Economist and Director of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Network.” (Press Release).

    Note that the World Economic Forum also states that in 2006, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Germany were the top five countries with the smallest “gender gap” in four critical areas of inequality between men and women.

    The US? Rank 22 (Press Release).


  3. Maybe Sen. Sanders can get enough Federal money to Vermont to get the state up to 24th in the nation for per capita income. Plus we already have an ex-Klansman in the Senate, why not an ineffectual socialist as well?


  4. “In my opinion Bernie is a far more effective politician than the “red” Saarlander Oskar Lafontaine.”

    That wasn’t the Saarländer I meant.


  5. Although Sanders’ physiognomy DOES resemble that of the one you meant.
    TITLE: Trans-Atlantic News Roundup
    BLOG NAME: Atlantic Review
    DATE: 02/01/2007 11:26:27 AM
    Europe, US at odds over data privacy, rendition, and Iran nukes: Diplomats and lawmakers have voiced sharp concerns over key issues in the fight against terrorism Christian Science Monitor (More positive assessment from DW World: EU, US Move C


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