3 thoughts on “Testicle Nazis

  1. And it’s not even correct, since the appropriate term, as everyone can immediately conclude from the context, would be “testicle ninjas.”

  2. Mr. Paul — I added an “update” at the bottom of the original post several days ago pointing out the error (which is usually considered the better way to correct blog posts). However, since it was a mistake and was above the fold, I’ve gone back and re-edited the original post to remove the mis-attribution. I suppose the original mistake was in clicking through to the link that said “personal site” to find out who was writing the blog, while missing the link that said “about me.” I sort of figured that any link to someone’s “personal site” on a weblog’s sidebar would likely be to their own personal site, but what do I know?

    Anyway, it’s all been corrected, and we can put this painful episode behind us and move forward into the glorious socialist future!

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