Abnormal Sex Muscle Flotation Agents

Checking out the sitemeter page for this blog, I found that someone was somehow linked to this blog by the Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names pages which deliver exactly that: hundreds of molecules with silly or unusual names.

Molecules to watch for 2007 include moronic acid, fukalite, adamantane, diabolic acid, fukugetin, betweenanene and screwene, DEAD, sodamide, furfuryl furfurate ("quite smelly"), dogcollarane (has not yet "been synthesized"), magic acid ("one of the strongest of the inorganic ‘superacids’"), SEX (sodium ethyl xanthate, "a flotation agent used in the mining industry"), Sex Muscle Abnormal Protein 5, MAP-kinase-kinase-kinase, yessotoxin, wrenchnolol, and warfarin (may have been used to kill Stalin).

The commentary also has a certain je ne sais quoi:


Although it sounds like it, this isn’t the active ingredient in a pina colada cocktail. Rather it is a versatile reagent for the preparation of boronic esters from halides, the diboration of olefins, and solid-phase Suzuki coupling. [emphasis added -ed.] 


I know you can get most things nowadays in a tin, but this is getting silly… Actually it gets its name from the plant Selinum Vaginatum. The related molecule is Vaginol, which also goes by the name Archangelicin.

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