You’re No Longer ‘Old,’ Europe

New U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates in damage-control mode:

So as he neared the end of his remarks, Gates made a deliberate move to separate himself from Rumsfeld and any lingering discord.

In the run-up to the Iraq war, Rumsfeld sharply criticized nations opposed to the conflict — specifically France and Germany — referring to them as ”Old Europe.”

Without mentioning Rumsfeld’s name, Gates said some people have tried to divide the allies into categories — such as east and west, north versus south.

”I’m even told that some have even spoken in terms of ‘old’ Europe versus ‘new,”’ Gates said. ”All of these characterizations belong in the past.”

2 thoughts on “You’re No Longer ‘Old,’ Europe

  1. There’s another characterization that will prove wrong: Our shiites (in Iraq)- their shiites (in Iran). Against the will of the world and the advice of its best friends America has attacked an ‘old enemy’ thus strengthening the true enemy more than anyone could have imagined. The U.S.A. isn’t winning not only in Iraq, the U.S.A. hast lost initiative in the entire middle east – why aren’t we surprized the Bush-Administration put its last hopes on the EU-3?

    Nevertheless, in the meantime, America will keep on contributing for a strong shiite army in Iraq. Lunacy. By the way: Under American occupation sharia became the rule of law in Iraq again. Thousands of christian families have been forced to flee to Syria already. A non event for Big Media and the rightosphere?


  2. at least America does something, unlike european nations that sit and whine with no solutions…and then they actually give in, make deals, pay off terrorist and the like. I say america should take over europe again…not like they already havent since american culture is the only culture anymore and all the banks, property and companies are all owned and american ran.


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