A Note on Misspelings and Misteaks in this Bolg

Oops, looks like I misspelled Gustav Seibt’s name a few times in this post (since corrected!). This led one commentator to snark: "Doesn’t anybody edit German Joys? "

The answer: "No, nobody edits German Joys! Nobody except me, that is, and I’m an even crappier editor than I am a writer."

If you ever go back and read a German Joys post a second time, you probably should consider obtaining psychiatric help, or getting a job. But if you do so anyway, you’ll notice that the posts often get a little more "polished" in the days after I post them. When I get a moment or two, I’ll go back and correct a couple of mistakes that made their way into the first draft. In the Seibt post, for instance, I called them "liberal haws" instead of "liberal hawks". No reference to Lord Haw Haw intended, I assure you.

Typepad does have a spell-checking feature. ‘Why don’t you use that?’, you’re asking? Well, first of all, the interface is kind of clumsy. Second of all, when you’re using tons of German names and words in your posts, the spell-checker always wants to correct them, making spell checking into a boring ordeal. ‘Fine,’ you’re asking (you’re getting pretty annoying here) ‘but why don’t you just write the posts in Word, spell-check them there, and then post them?’ Great idea!

The problem is, Typepad creates a bunch of weird, unpredictable formatting problems when you try to cut-and-paste text from another computer program into the ‘post’ window. Trust me, the blog would look even crappier than it does now if I tried that. (I’m not slamming Typepad here; it’s a fine service that gets better every day. It just has weaknesses, as do all the others.)

So, to sum up, thanks for the tip, I will correct Seibt’s name. But remember, gentle readers, blogging is about short bursts of spontaneous expression, and posting something every freakin’ day. I try to be reasonably careful what I post here, but I don’t have unlimited time, so you’re not going to see the same standards of editing you would see in my publications. Most of which would bore you to tears, anyway.


A Daily Dose of America-Bashing

Brought to you by a Polish friend of mine. Some smart-alecky guy from New Zealand (I think they’re called New Zealots) wanders around Middle America, asking ordinary citizens unfairly complicated questions such as "Where is the Berlin Wall?" and "How many Eiffel Towers are there in Paris?"

If you’re so angry at the United States that you’d like to see American military officers being subjected to pain, go here, to the website of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program website. You can watch testing videos for the Active Denial System, an invisible laser-like "pain beam" that makes you feel as if your skin is on fire, but which does no lasting damage to the person it’s aimed at. Watch colonels and members of the press getting zapped!

For something nice about the United States, go here, where Matthey Yglesias points out that a program spearheaded by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s two- decade campaign against the African parasite Guinea Worm and the diease it causes has brought us to the point where it "is expected to be eradicated worldwide within the next five years. It will be the first ailment to be eliminated since smallpox in 1977."

And how can you not like a cute li’l country that can produce campaign advertising like this? As a soundtrack to pictures of Nixon with Brezhnev and Mao, we hear "Reachin’ outacross the sea/makin’ friends, where foes used to be"