A Daily Dose of America-Bashing

Brought to you by a Polish friend of mine. Some smart-alecky guy from New Zealand (I think they’re called New Zealots) wanders around Middle America, asking ordinary citizens unfairly complicated questions such as "Where is the Berlin Wall?" and "How many Eiffel Towers are there in Paris?"

If you’re so angry at the United States that you’d like to see American military officers being subjected to pain, go here, to the website of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program website. You can watch testing videos for the Active Denial System, an invisible laser-like "pain beam" that makes you feel as if your skin is on fire, but which does no lasting damage to the person it’s aimed at. Watch colonels and members of the press getting zapped!

For something nice about the United States, go here, where Matthey Yglesias points out that a program spearheaded by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s two- decade campaign against the African parasite Guinea Worm and the diease it causes has brought us to the point where it "is expected to be eradicated worldwide within the next five years. It will be the first ailment to be eliminated since smallpox in 1977."

And how can you not like a cute li’l country that can produce campaign advertising like this? As a soundtrack to pictures of Nixon with Brezhnev and Mao, we hear "Reachin’ outacross the sea/makin’ friends, where foes used to be"

6 thoughts on “A Daily Dose of America-Bashing

  1. Funny thing is, I’ve never ever heard anyone complain that the rural farmers of outer Mongolia don’t know how many Eiffel towers there are in Paris. The thing that bugs all those overzealous Germans and the pseudo-intellectual rest like hell, is that those Americans over there seem to be having quite a good time and just frankly a splendid life without knowing how many Eiffel towers there are in Paris.
    After the Germans and the pseudo-intellectuals are done masturbating in the bathroom to get rid of their dopamine surplus after watching the first video, could you write me a 5,000 word essay on how having dutifully learned the number of Eiffel towers in school (or even gone onto a suck-it-up-to-feudalist-times trip around Europe) has made your life any better?
    How exactly, and please spare no word or detail, would the last 5 years have come to pass differently had Iraq been in the South Pacific and not whereever it happens to be right now? As if the U.S. wouldn’t have invaded it anyway or what?
    If the video has proven anything, then it’s not only New Zealanders’ (and by extension of it being posted here, Germans’) gullibility to go to ‘school’ and have arcane, irrelevant facts that aren’t putting the steak on the table for the next 500 years shoven down their throat by the trainload by their beloved authorities who are having a royal laugh at their expense, but also the unabashed pride with which they parade the ‘knowledge’ in their perverted minds; Germans (dunno about Kiwiland) going as far as Latin and Ancient Greek.
    The lasting impression that the video had on me: Man, what great weather and radiant smiles! 🙂 Not that anyone German would have noticed. They’re busy conjugating Latin verbs. What else would you do all day in a battery chicken farm? Meanwhile, I’m off to the beach.


  2. Two comments. First – it’s been done before and much better than these clowns did it. Chap named Sascha Cohen in a movie named Borat which was released last year.

    Second, neither Iran nor Italy should be our next invasion site. No, I think we should do a Clinton on the neighborhood these idiots live in.


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