Interlude: “Opus 40” by Mercury Rev

Currently watching a DVD called, a bit pompously, The Work of Anton Corbijn. A Dutchman, he’s directed of videos for Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box, Henry Rollins’ Liar, and Herbert Groenemeyer’s Mensch.

It’s a European joint: moist, suffering, exalting humans fill the screen, there’s always a narrative, plenty of religious imagery, and constant allusions to stages and other created interiors. The only thing that’s missing is a few commedia dell’arte characters. Speaking of America (follow the link), the USA, in Corbijn’s videos, is seen through Wim Wenders glasses: all big open spaces, cowboy hats, theater marquees, and homespun interiors.

Here’s a high point, courtesy of YouTube: Corbijn’s video for the glorious Mercury Rev’s majestic song "Opus 40". They’re troubled geniuses: "[T]he group was reportedly banned from air travel after Donahue attempted to gouge out Grasshopper‘s eye with a spoon in mid-flight. Following the tour, Mercury Rev again went their separate ways; the members found menial jobs, moved in with their parents, or earned money by participating in medical experiments. "

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