Von Donnersmarck’s Land

Congratulations for Florian von Donnersmarck for nabbing an Oscar for best foreign-language film for The Lives of Others, which I praised here. I’m not going to admit to taking the Oscars very seriously, or knowing anything about the other foreign-language contenders, but it’s always good to see a fine movie get more attention.

Von Donnersmarck’s English is good. Frighteningly perfect, in fact. I also found his praise of Arnold Schwarzenegger for teaching him to eliminate the words "I can’t" from his vocabulary to be kind of cute. It’s good to know Ah-nold is still helping give birth to film milestones.

One thought on “Von Donnersmarck’s Land

  1. Von Donnersmarck’s English is good, indeed. I don´t care that much about Oscars too. But this prize will makehigher the chances to see a movie like “Das Leben der Anderen” in brazilian theaters. I´ve read the reviews and I am waiting…

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