Scandinavian Warblogger Reflects

In this reflective, well-written post, Scandinavian ‘warblogger’ Bjorn Staerk reflects on his support for the Iraq war, the war on terrorism, and culture wars in Europe:

Europe’s culture warriors often come from the right, like me, but many also from the left. What they have in common is frustration with what they see as a deadening centre-left consensus among the elites – politicians, academics, journalists. There’s a sense that there is this great fog of dishonesty that we must chase away with reasoned and courageous thinking. The elites believe in little, they tolerate anything as long as it is foreign, and despise everything that is solid and proud in European culture. That’s why they aimed so much hatred against Christian pseudo-fanatics, while letting genuine Muslim extremists in through the back door. They told us that Europe’s worst enemy was itself, when of course the real threats come from the outside.

The culture warriors want to restore Europe’s sense of purpose, and restore some of its old values – including our Christian heritage. Not necessarily Christianity itself, but they admire its moral firmness. The elites believe nothing, and that makes us vulnerable to Muslim extremists, who are blessed with a complete lack of uncertainty and a total committment to their religion.

This is only a small part of Staerk’s argument on this point, which is only one part of a larger essay that is extremely worth reading. I don’t have time to comment on it now; I just wanted to add to the well-deserved buzz it’s creating. Perhaps more comments after I return from Rome.

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