I Give Thee Back Thy Fickle Heart, O Readers

I don’t post anything for a few days (a few glorious cool sunny days in Rome), and look what happens to my visitor numbers:

This Week's Visits and Page Views

There’s always a drop over the weekend, but usually things pick up again on Monday and Tuesday. Not this week, though. Whatever happened to loyalty? 

If I don’t post something every day, it seems, Joysters’ eyes glaze over and they move on to other blogs. That shrivels my ego even further. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Well, you know what to do — check German Joys every day! Several times a day! Even if there’s nothing new, you can trawl the archives for a trip down memory lane.

6 thoughts on “I Give Thee Back Thy Fickle Heart, O Readers

  1. Well – yes, Andrew! As a matter of fact my objective is to commit abuse on your easily-bruised ego. I’m just waiting for that bunny-rabbit post you promised so I can transfix it with a carrot.


  2. I advise you to post a few classical recipes: people will look for them whether you post something new or not, and it will stabilize your statistics. Or what about reviews about Roman restaurants?


  3. I vote for more “German Word of the Week (day?)” 🙂

    Try Eselsbrücke, Fingerspitzengefühl oder Kampfmittelräumdienst. Well the last one only because I have to leave my house today because of them 🙂


  4. Perhaps personalised feedback is the key? You could respond to comments individually… even make them the subject of new posts. Your whole blog could be a healthy give-and-take, instead of the arrogant and one-sided dispensing of opinion that andrewhammel.typepad.com/whammelsvoice is.


    At the very least, you could make the correction I’ve suggested in a previous post…


  5. Ah….the sweet, smell of perfume! Today’s market is flooded with hundreds and hundreds of different fragrances ranging from floral to woodsy. Most women love the smell of perfume, wearing it even when going to the grocery store. The problem is that perfume allergy for some women, is anything but nice.


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