Hamburg Gets a New Concert Hall

From Alex Ross’ classical music blog, a picture of what Hamburg’s new concert hall will look like on the inside:


Guest poster Justin Davidson continues:

In a press conference at Carnegie Hall today, Jacques Herzog [of the Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron] remarked that he and his associates had learned more about designing symphonic spaces from the stadiums they’ve done (notably the Beijing Olympic bird’s nest) than they had from the whole history of concert halls. Here, the stage, like a soccer field, is in the middle, rather than at one end, and the seats rise up along a bowl’s precipitous walls.

3 thoughts on “Hamburg Gets a New Concert Hall

  1. Looks like a beautiful place. I love the idea of putting the orchestra in the center. Opera Houses should do thae same, although that would change the hell out of the choreography….


  2. You know what’s funny, to my knowledge this sort of place serves to produce exact copies of audible works that some artist 100’s of years dead hacked together on commission by some king. While the performance itself is somewhat laudable for being a tedious exercise akin to assembling a replica of the Eiffel tower out of toothpicks, the whole thing has the originality of the soundtrack of a movie you have watched hundreds of time, just without the movie. The people that frequent this sort of establishment even call that ‘art’. It’s hard to believe to what extend people devoid of any spirit will go to cover up the emptiness in their minds.


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