Cannibal Crosses the Atlantic

I’m champing at the bit to see the movie Grimm Love, which is about:

An American student of Criminal Psychology living in Germany, [who]becomes obsessed with her research subject Oliver Hartwin, a homosexual cannibal killer who advertised on the Internet for a lover willing to be murdered and devoured as the ultimate act of love and self-sacrifice.Her obsession pulls her into a dark and deeply alienated lifestyle. Director’s Bio: This is Weisz’s debut as a feature director. Before, in 2002, he shot the short "60 Seconds." He has shot more than 350 music videos for Brandy, Puff Daddy, Korn, Live, Sisqo, Crazytown, Nickelback, and many more. He is currently in post-production on "The Hills Have Eyes II"

The mind boggles. [Hat-tip: "JR" from Texas.]

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