Name this Sculpture

Sorry to interrupt the debate, but here are a few photos I’ve taken that I wanted to share with the world. This is the ‘British Private Prep School’, which I found not in Albion, but in a strip shopping center off Fry Road in suburban Katy, Texas:


Coming Soon: ‘Elite Liberal Arts College’, Sunnyvale Bargain Center, Waukegan, Illinois; and ‘Tradition-Steeped Ivy-League Research University,’ Rural Route 95, Ponca Lake, Oklahoma.

Now for an obscure cultural trivia quiz. This is a funky piece of folk art by a Houston artist. A friend of mine named George owns it. The question is: what is it called?

Hint: When I tell you, you will immediately say, ‘of course!’ I promise.


5 thoughts on “Name this Sculpture

  1. I’m looking forward to the renaming of “German Joys” into “Opinion-leading A-list Blog”

  2. Good guesses, but it’s really “AA Meeting.” (I assume this will be clear to Germans as well).

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