Wolin on Immigrants in Europe

In The Nation, Richard Wolin reviews a crop of recent books on the issue of integration of foreigners into European societies:

[C]onverts to Islamic fundamentalism are made and not born. In most cases, Islamism is a conscious choice embraced by frustrated second-generation immigrants who feel they are growing up in an ethnic and cultural no man’s land. In French Hospitality (1984), Tahar Ben Jelloun, a Moroccan writer based in Paris, accurately describes them as "a generation doomed to cultural orphanhood and ontological fragility." Thus, Islam and Islamism are two different things–a point that "clash of civilization" theorists like Samuel Huntington have failed to register….

Thus the rise of Islamism in Europe has very little to do with the intrinsic nature of Islam as a religion and everything to do with the failures of integration and Muslim immigrants’ sense of de-territorialization. As Olivier Roy comments in his foreword to Jonathan Laurence and Justin Vaisse’s Integrating Islam: "All serious studies of the formation of terrorism in Europe show that the process is more likely to be the result of alienation, isolation and generational crisis." This conclusion distinctly belies the claims of scaremongering jeremiads like Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept and French author Emmanuel Brenner’s The Lost Territories of the Republic, which misleadingly contend that, à la Bernard Lewis, Europe is undergoing a process of "reverse colonization." The implication is that in twenty years’ time, Europe as we have known it will cease to exist; it will have instead become "Eurabia."

Later, Wolin notes, Azouz Begag, France’s first "Minister for Equal Opportunities," has recently published a book in which he praises (with qualification) American policies and attitudes toward ethnic minorities. However, the French find the amount of attention paid to race by American administrators distasteful. France’s commitment to a neutral public space in which all residents of the country are exclusively "French citizens" is so strong that French government statisticians do not even keep track of citizens on the basis of race or religion: "French republicans proudly distinguish their étatiste conception of citizenship, which guarantees a neutral public space, from the atomistic Anglo-Saxon model, where the individual is the primary bearer of rights."

I tend to agree with Wolin that the "Eurabia" threat is absurd. Where he falls short, in my view, is in addressing court rulings and government policies that endorse exceptions to regulations for members of religious communities. That’s a more difficult issue for Americans to address, because these conflicts just seem to come up a lot less frequently on the other side of the Atlantic. I’ve often asked myself why that is, but don’t have a very specific answer…

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  1. Just a quickie, as I’m in an awful hurry. There’s no doubt about the failures of Muslim integration in Europe. That said, we learn that “the rise of Islamism in Europe has very little to do with the intrinsic nature of Islam as a religion.” Fine, but what causes Islamism’s rise in the House of Islam, then? This is on the assumption that, from Mauritania to Bangladesh, Yemen to Iran, there is such a rise, it not being a projection of heat-oppressed-brains like mine. And we’ll have to rule out the theory, as put forward by the holy trinity of Teutonic sociologoid pipsqueak, Heitmeyer, Schiffauer, and Hafez, that Western World’s intrinsic brutalising, alienating and perverting stench smothers anything sane exposed to it. Thus, if Rousseau’s noble savage get’s infected, it’s been us, one way or the other. However, that’s crude, and they don’t do me the favour of exposing themselves that openly, so we don’t have to care about that anyway.

    Then, what is it? Fiefdoms, kingdoms, theocracies, democracies at the behest of their presidents for life or 20 years minimum, oppression and authoritarianism in the OIC‘s 57 states of glory, particularly those 46 of them with Muslim majorities. So the oppressed masses don’t really fancy this? As far as I’m informed, Islam and Islamism is their remedy. These societies don’t necessarily share their history, nor languages and cultures, except for Islam and those historical and cultural commonalities it ensued.

    > This conclusion distinctly belies the claims of scaremongering jeremiads like Bruce Bawer’s
    > … Emmanuel Brenner’s … Bernard Lewis … The implication is that in twenty years’ time,
    > Europe as we have known it will cease to exist; it will have instead become “Eurabia.

    The implication is that Mssrs. Bawer, Brenner, Lewis and, my I say so, anyone else of their ilk, get distinctly smeared with Mr. Steyn’s funny calculations, those twenty years being of his concoction. And as we’re dropping knowledge names, Dahrendorf’s, Josef Joffe’s or al-Guardian’s poster child Timothy Garton Ash’s musings get suspiciously little room here, while butt-kick inviting Steyn the brute will be a running gag for years to come in Happy Valley.

    Let’s a left-wing liberal of repute and Islamophile standing have the ceterum censeo, again.

    So the Muslims have won the Battle of Poitiers after all! Won it not by force of arms, but by peaceful immigration and fertility. (yes, fertility – delicately put, isn’t it?)

    Is it likely that Europeans will rise to this challenge? I fear not. Is it still possible? Yes. But it’s already five minutes to midnight—and we are drinking in the last chance saloon.

    An unusual display of emotion for usually sober Ash.


  2. Never afraid to show off foolishly, make that “Teutonic sociologoid pipsqueakery,” or pipsqueakdom, to keep semantics on our side.


  3. Time will tell if Eurabia is correct or not. You will get to witness it first hand. It might be a slow almost unseen process. Then again too much trashing about has already taken place on a topic which at the end of the day is not very important.


  4. Warning: this adds really nothing to the debate! I mean, even less then usually. Silly me just doesn’t want to appear any dumber than necessary.

    Mark Steyn is an avowed Islamophobe, and if it wasn’t for Muslimdom’s ravishing strides into this little speck of loveliness, he quite possibly couldn’t care less for our fate. If you check our host’s contributions on all things steyny, you’ll see that the Islamophobe and eurobashing aspect of Steyn’s œuvre is what makes Andrew deign to take any notice — in utter disgust. I go so far as to say that Andrew took to an unhealthy interest on Steyn’s nitwitteries. Steyn, our host feels, is a creep, but unfortunately he gets read across the pond, so Andrew feels compelled to put on the rubber boots and wade through Steyn’s shoddy scribblings more often than not. Besides, kicking Steyn gives any Islamophobe a bad name by association, so this is both grim fun and a worthy enterprise. Give that noble minded sewage worker a hand, when he laudably dares to wade where others don’t.

    Being Islamophobe too, I have a fine sensory on things derisive to our creed. You, cherished dwellers of Happy Valley, don’t. So don’t you worry and be happy, and, Sebastian, don’t feed the trolls — we sizzle kryptonic energy out of every drop of disdain. LiveJournal? I can afford $4.95 for a typepad account, but I don’t want to preach to the choir. I do mingle with my fellow maniacs for comfort and the occasional human warmth (hardly human, you say? OK, have that too), as our trade is a lonely one. I, however, maniacally foray both into the Morlocks’ territory and Happy Valleys’ unsuspecting Eloi’s dulcet pastures, my agenda being remarkably sick, ruthless, and, of course, wretched. Talking of which: did you know? (did you click? Please do, the heading gives you an executive summary. Ok, so here is it: “Islam im demographischen Aufwind”, Focus online. Not you quality paper of choice, but it merely quotes our federal stats office — 10% being the magic number of …two years ago)

    Sebastian, sorry to say, but this will come to your world too, eventually. And I particularly don’t want you to look away, like we all did for the last 40 years — yes, you suspected as much, I’m a busybody. Most of your peers look to the other side as long as possible. Then, they move, say, away from Berlin-Kreuzberg, Hamburg-Altona or Köln-Kalk. Believe it or not, but my sister, who lives in posh Berlin-Mitte quarter, had to resort to trickery to get my nephew into, how should I put it, a school matching her expectations, i.e. not having 30% migrant attendance. When I went to school in Latin America, my schools had a 99% of bloody foreigners, and when I came back, me and my sister attended schools with 30%+ migrant attendance voluntarily. That was in Bad Godesberg‘s diplomatic enclave, and the 30% where quite a different shop. Yes, we profited from that.

    But things are different now, they are creeping in, from outwards to the center. Teachers say, that average classes can’t bear more than 3-4 non German speaking, hyperactive, hyper aggressive, ill-socialised pupils. Of these, schools in migrant quarters have an average ratio of about 60% by now, which they didn’t even 10-15 years ago. While 30-40% of major German cities’ youth is of migrant background, every one of two Berlin child six years and younger is. The situation is catastrophic, and it gets worse each month. Yes, catastrophic, yes, each month. My sister is becoming a teacher, specialising on migrant youth needs. Some months ago she had student teaching in a Kreuzberg school. One of the old teachers, a year short of retirement age, thus outspoken and fearless, told her that dealing with Holocaust and Palestine issues was not possible anymore, as the Muslim pupils couldn’t be restrained anymore from saying and writing things legally prohibited over here. Ponder that — incidentally, that’s how things are the UK: Teachers drop the Holocaust (and the Crusades) to avoid offending Muslims. And what about our schools becoming judenfrei?

    German employers (the creeps that socked it to us in the 60ies, with our phlegmatic consent, much to their benefit) decry a shortage of engineers, 10,000 to 20,000, depends whom you ask. Indian and Chinese universities spit out hundreds of thousands of these, and US/CN/AUS/NZ fight for the best. We don’t — and the Rütlischule (2005: 82,3% migrant pupils; 2006: ta da – still 82,3%) won’t provide them anytime soon. The Eberhard-Klein-Schule, a block away from my home, won’t do either, having lost its last native German speaker some years ago. (*)

    However, the upward mobile, supposed to be concerned citizens, didn’t protest, they …moved. To another neighborhood, to the suburbs, and by now 1 out of 7 of our postgraduates emigrate. 52% of all those Germans aged 18-30 fancy the idea too, according to recent polls. The qualified and aspiring (our host is not too hot for these) of the world’s immigrants from India, China, Latin America or Africa don’t come to Europe, besides, they’re not overly welcome. Heck, even Islam World’s urban elite doesn’t come. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan did send his son and his daughters to Harvard and Indiana University — he has his weary and heavy-laden come to Europe instead, relieving the Ottoman exchequer, getting rid of the unemployed, and unemployable, troublemakers to be. And so do the potentates of the Mashriq and Maghreb with their weary millions, each year. All hail.

    Why, you ask? Have Green member of Parliament Özcan Mutlu tell you: Knallhart Neukölln, Neukölln ist härter.

    You children won’t have that, you’ll see to it by any means possible, and so do our governing, deciding, publishing, and, ha ha, liberally blogging classes. But you won’t have many Muslim free weather forecasts anymore, at least I’ll do my worst whenever our cherished host’s mockery on things Steynesque and Eurabian make for a good excuse.

    Reading for the so inclined:

    Zivilisatorische Standards gelten nicht mehr, Der Tagesspiegel
    Rachegelüste im Kiez, Der Spiegel. Funny, though bloody ongoins in the Eberhard-Klein-Schule.


  5. @ Marek Moehling

    You must be unemployed.* No human resource person in any branch would tolerate a person who is that obstinate and unnecessarily verbose when no-one whosoever is listening.
    Which begs the question, Did a Muslim take your job away from you? Might just that have been the cause of your repetitive rants that kill my pleasure to read Andrew’s otherwise great blog? The mind boggles.

    * Don’t tell me you are something like a freelance writer. Sounds nicer, but doesn’t make that much of a different situation, does it?


  6. @ Junger Gott

    Regret to inform you that this reader, at least, finds Mr. Marek Möhling’s postings witty and entertaining.

    Your comment about “unemployed” is really hitting below the belt. Honi soit qui mal y pense.


  7. I have to agree with Paul here. I find Marek interesting.

    Coming of age in the late 70’sin a rather gritty neighborhood of Milwaukee largely inhabited by the working-poor and the welfare-poor I observed several interesting facts.

    Namely that the rather generous US welfare state of that time actually elevated those on the public dole over those of us who worked for a living. In material terms at least. They were both better off materially and far more secure in their income than we were – and we were required to help pay for it!

    Working-poor don’t tend to be big proponents of the welfare-state, perhaps because they see the actual results too closely.

    The liberals who supported the welfare state in those days tended to live far away in areas where the poor did not live. All they saw were working=poor like myself who came to work and study. They did not have to deal with the crime and the degradation – they could move away. As Marek observes them now doing in Germany……


  8. If anyone wonders what caused the repeated evocations of my name, it was most likely this comment.

    Sebastian, sorry to say, but this will come to your world too, eventually.

    Don’t worry, I’m not averting my eyes from the problems of our age, only from your lengthy emanations.


  9. Unemployed and unemployable? Marek, that’s a low one, even for you. According to the way the law works in Germany, foreigners without special reasons (asylum, family here and Spätaussiedler – sorry – Volksdeutsche) are almost always required to demonstrate that they are employed or otherwise financially self-sufficient.

    I’ll return to a point I thought I made a while back: I’ll be pretty surprised the first time I see a protest of Hartz IV recipients marching around the Brandenburg Gate demanding that the government arrange for them the jobs that predominantly foreigners perform in this country. Treppenhauskehren für alle! Kiosk- und Putzarbeit statt Staatsleistungen!

    Look around you. Your Kreuzberg sidewalks are probably cleaned, your paper probably delivered, your restaurant dishes almost certainly washed, and your parents possibly taken care of by someone theoretically unemployed and unemployable from a foreign country who is performing work that the vast majority of Germans no longer deign to engage in. Without two institutions in this country – immigrant labor willingness and Zivildienst – this country’s social net would collapse tomorrow, and you could close all the Bahnhofsmissionen (speaking of which, when was the last time you saw an incontinent drunk old Turkish man on the BVG?) and the Pflegeheime (when was the last time you saw a former denizen of Anatolien in one?).

    Instead of snarking and bitching and whining, why don’t you offer some tragbare solutions. Codicil: you have to be able to also go to your Turkish-background neighbours and explain these to them in person, including why they should buy into them at this point.


  10. I just can’t stand it when a blog the topic of which I really enjoy to read (viz. Andrew’s experiences on life in general, and topically on life in Germany and its peculiar joys) is taken hostage as a playground for a certain audience. Happened before to a strictly private blog to a good friend of mine, which was – for reasons I can’t even fathom – turned into a platform for weird conspiracy theorists. First came one, then others followed.

    If that happened to this blog, now that would really piss me off. I don’t like to be pissed off at all, I hit high and low then, so I got a little @ Marek Moehling. His comments to the effect that we ought to stop writing and thinking about anything else but his one theme – MUSLIMS and the vile horror they allegedly epitomize – were just enough to trigger my last comment. Yet I think, judging by what he dishes out regularly – Marek Moehling can well take my little opposition.


  11. Ummm, Junger?!!!

    I find Marek somewhat oracular at times but often interesting even though I don’t necessarily agree with him. You obviously feel differently, which is your right of course.

    For you and everyone else who dislike Marek that much I suggest the classic remedy. Look to the right of your browser window to something called the scroll bar. When you see one of Marek’s posts – scroll past. Problem solved…..


  12. I might well share Mr. Moehling’s state of mind if like him I were residing in the Berlin borough where bottle rockets soared into the sky on the night of 9/11 to celebrate America’s great humiliation, non-Muslims are bullied and harassed in public schools, and pedestrians cross the street when Turkish gangs approach.

    All of which is largely ignored and denied by German politicians. It appears to be part of the multiculturalist creed to celebrate diversity in “islands of tolerance” like Kreuzberg–as long as the islands remain islands and diversity is not walking down the streets of posh Berlin suburbs.

    I’d agree that the rise of Islamism in Europe has much–but surely not “everything”–to do with the condescension and discrimination Muslims experience. If I were a young Muslim, I’d be seething, too.

    All the more reason to control Muslim immigration until Europeans–and Muslims–come to grips with the issues that hinder Muslim integration.

    As Wolin states, Islam and Islamism may be two different things, but mainstream Muslims all too often tolerate the terrorists in their midst. Panicmongering is never helpful but there is reason for concern.

    Tawfik Hamid, writing in the Wall Street Journal of April 3, 2007 (and available online):

    (Begin quote)

    It is vital to grasp that traditional and even mainstream Islamic teaching accepts and promotes violence. Shariah, for example, allows apostates to be killed, permits beating women to discipline them, seeks to subjugate non-Muslims to Islam as dhimmis and justifies declaring war to do so. It exhorts good Muslims to exterminate the Jews before the “end of days.” The near deafening silence of the Muslim majority against these barbaric practices is evidence enough that there is something fundamentally wrong.

    (End quote)

    And this written by a former member of al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya.

    @ Don

    Coincidence. I, too, spent a good part of my youth in a gritty neighborhood, the South End of Bridgeport, Connecticut.


  13. Could this be the end?

    Koch , it’s hard to sort out the multiply intertwined fallacies here, none to my benefit, needles to say.

    > Unemployed and unemployable? Marek, that’s a low one, even for you.

    I wrote about the states of Northern Africa and the Near East, whose inefficient handling of educational affairs leads to what al-Jazeera describes like so: “The educational system is severely retarded; schools produce ignorant young men and women who excel in rote memorisation more than educated innovators.” Turkey fares slightly better, though definitely not in its rural societies, where the last 20 or so generations of peons have been housebroken by Imams, Pashas, land owners and dictators. This essentially made them so interesting to our Arbeitgeberverbände, when Turkey, both prodded and incited by its US ally, asked to be included to the 60ies’ German Gastarbeiterprogramm (‘guest worker’ program). During the cold war, the US needed Turkey to deploy its Jupiter IRBMs in Russia’s backyard. Following the Domino Theory, loosing an ally to the Soviet was always an option, so westbound integration was the way. German industry had dabbled so far with workers from Southern Europe, replacing the cannon fodder lost in WWII. These guys knew what trade unions were good for. Turks were supposed to be easier to handle, which they were, to some extent. It’s little known that Hans Martin Schleyer, then a leading figure in German employers organizations was an exponent of that position. He also argued against the initial concept of hiring temp workers, to be ‘rotated’ every few years. That was an ill-conceived idea by itself, but to abandon it for being to costly, as he suggested, was even worse a decision. He was later murdered by the Red Army Faction — though for other reasons, if I may say so. These people were unemployed then, and due to the corruption and general ineptitude of the countries’ economy mostly unemployable, not for being unable to do menial work, but because the job market in Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey etc. didn’t have much to offer. We had, for some time, now we increasingly don’t, as factories need less and less of the lowly skilled.

    > According to the way the law works in Germany, foreigners without special reasons
    > (asylum, family here and Spätaussiedler – sorry – Volksdeutsche) are almost always
    > required to demonstrate that they are employed or otherwise financially self-sufficient.

    Hopefully, I could convince you that my unemployed were not the ones you chose to have in mind. I ranted, but possibly I was not verbose enough. I didn’t have those “foreigners without special reasons” in mind either, as they are few. However, what you brush aside swiftly with “family here,” is central, as we’re dealing here with what is known as Importbräute (imported brides) in the current immigration debate. Around 60% of each Muslim generation so far had their brides come over from the homeland. Feminist sociologist hyenas attribute this to the desire to have brides that are “easier to handle” (see above), by virtue of not speaking German (or French, English, or whatsoever it takes in Euroland) and by being housebroken according to cultural and religious traditions of yore. Besides, providing visa for relatives is considered a social obligation, individuals being shunned and isolated should they not obey. This phenomenon ensures that at least 60% of the offspring grows up with a mother that can’t provide the necessary language skills, and a father that hardly can. Teachers and sociologist decry that German born Turks of the third generation have a worse command of German than their parents had. Incidentally, this doesn’t help attending school, applying for a job — being employable.

    Should you ask: yes, we botched it too, for 40 festering years. We should have force-fed them with things essential to ensure that all parties profit from immigration, and this doesn’t necessarily include Quran lessons for Turkish brats in Arabic, which they don’t learn, thus exceling in “rote memorisation,” following paths of, ugh, learning, popular where they came from. The Arab kids do speak Arabic, however they do so badly. Combined with crappy theology provided by semi-literates the results are stunning. However, neither the Hodja nor the parents will tolerate absenteeism, physical encouragement being an issue here. It’s different in schools though, where distressed teachers welcome anything that might delay their nervous breakdown, while parents care astoundingly little, biology, sexualkunde, and coed sports not being their cup of tea anyway.

    As for Spätaussiedler (ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe), which should appeal favourably to Nazis like me (yes, I must be one) for being Volksdeutsche, as you kindly remind me, I’ve got news for you: I’m such a bigot that I don’t even cherish their contributions — and our handling of it. Here’s Christian Pfeiffer giving you the stats. He is the director of the criminological research institute of Lower Saxonia and was Minister of Justice of that Land. Jugendliche Intensivtäter in Germany (juvenile habitual offenders), according to the results of having questioned 17,000 interviewees representatively chosen and using current police data — I’m not sure about the date, must be later than 1997: 2,9% Germans, 6% Aussiedler 10,3% Turks (Not the best source, but it’ll do. Comprehensive introduction to the subject, btw — and no, it’s not only their fault).

    > Look around you. Your Kreuzberg sidewalks are probably cleaned, your
    > paper probably delivered, your restaurant dishes almost certainly washed,
    > and your parents possibly taken care of by someone theoretically unemployed
    > and unemployable from a foreign country who is performing work that the vast
    > majority of Germans no longer deign to engage in. Without two institutions
    > in this country – immigrant labor willingness and Zivildienst – this country’s
    > social net would collapse tomorrow, and you could close all the Bahnhofsmissionen

    Thank you for informing me that many migrants do menial jobs unwanted by others. On the assumption that I didn’t know or negated it knowingly, you scored a point, else you didn’t. I pretend that I do know, and I know even more: sociologist are increasingly alarmed, as the realise that young Turkish folk, mostly the males, are not accepting this inferior status. There are even sociologoid funny bones that tell us that this is a good thing and a sign of ongoing integration. Look they say, if they do what has been coined abziehen, i.e. they relieve their coevals of their cell phones, I-pods and trendy sneakers, they just want to be like us — be merry. No joking. However, the saner ones of the socio trade point to a ever widening gap between the self perception of those youngsters and their qualification, which is catastrophic more often than not. nicht vermittelbar is what the job agencies call that, while kids being unbeschulbar are what gives headmasters headaches. Both translates roughly as “unemployable,” or leads to being it. Should you assume that I argue against immigration on principle: no I don’t, quite the contrary. Countries like South Korea or the Philipines were festeringly poor in the 60ies, as is now Afghanistan. Our nurses for the sick and elderly (or our doctors, hospital directors, researchers, no problem) could well have had slitted eyes and be animist, Buddhist, Catholic or whatsoever pleasant — but Turkey was our ally in WWI, the US’ ally in the Cold War, and they looked like us, give and take. We wouldn’t have the black, brown or yellow come over here, and we won’t even nowadays, as racist attacks show every day — and widespread unexpressed consensus. It’s not the Turks or Arabs, our skinheads mostly chose to chase, as they’re much to afraid. It’s the other folks, who have no muscular manly youth at their disposal, full of Muslim pride. They have cars and cell phones to organise action, and even the East German Neo-Nazi smalltown dwellers know that. Shit happens, but less often that not. À propos Muslim pride: Our proles chose to be proud to be German (stolz, ein Deutscher zu sein), instead. Each his poison.

    > (speaking of which, when was the last time you saw an
    > incontinent drunk old Turkish man on the BVG? [mm: Berlin public transports])

    Great, we’re tackling silly prejudices now, a worthy enterprise. That Turks don’t drink, by virtue of being Muslim, is a funny, though popular misconception. Turkey is the World’s nr.1 Raki producer, its breweries are exporting millions of hectolitres, its wines are yummy and served in Turkish restaurants, and if you ever set foot onto a Kulturverein (cultural association), as their pubs are classified to save them taxes, you’ll see that almost all serve exactly what you find in the German pub next corner: booze aplenty — for the patrons unemployed more often than not, sitting there all day long, as do their German counterparts. That Turks or Arabs are Muslim in the first place, and thus must behave like it’s to be expected (else betraying their heritage loathsomely), is the most common fallacy of the very good people, knowwhaddamean. However, for Turks it’s much less customary to lay around drunk; they have other habits, that much is true, and I’m so relieved to understand as much.

    > and the Pflegeheime [mm: residential care homes] (when was
    > the last time you saw a former denizen of Anatolien in one?).

    Though we’re clearly devolving into irrelevant threads here, we’re doing away with more silly prejudices, so it’s not all sound and fury, signifying nothing. I see those denizens whenever I pass the Methfesselstraße in my barrio‘s north. Pray read this article, some gutmenschelnd misconceptions need correction. A interkulturelles Seniorenheim was planned, but Turkish and German seniors just couldn’t get along. So it’s monocultural now — segregation till death us do part. The next is planned vis-a-vis the Schlesischer Bahnhof down my barrio‘s south, multimonocultural too, that’s understood.

    But yes, we inherently corrupted Westerners owe these people so much for being the archetypal warm hearted noble savages truly caring for their kith and kin. I don’t appreciate Prof. Schiffauer or Mr. Heitmeyer much, but, could you be bothered to read their studies on the disintegration of migrant family structures? Both here and at home, as there’s migration in Turkey too, did you know? I saw Yilmaz Güney‘s film Yol when some of our readers, presumably, where still having their nappies on. As for the results, check the crime stats, how about these?

    > Instead of snarking and bitching and whining, why don’t you
    > offer some tragbare solutions

    Start the force-feeding now, as suggested above. Stop having functionally analphabetic brides imported by raising the bar to 21 or even 24 years on entrance, like it happened in fascist Netherlands or Denmark, with phenomenal and almost instantaneous results, at least regarding that detail — and no, the international court of justice didn’t send troops, the UN didn’t either. Start doing unto Islamists and supporters of Sharia (be it in criminal or civil law) what we do unto Scientologists or fans of the NPD, where nobody has qualms judging them to have a detrimental effect on society — incidentally, that would mean not to have them administer Muslim teaching in public schools, as it already happens. Start dissolving the last, festering though gigantic, remants of Stamocap in the EUs agrarian sector (and others), so Africa can start exporting produce and products, instead of people. Stop assuming that we, sons and daughters of colonialism and imperialism, inherently perverted and perverting, should convert Europe into our Souths’, ha ha, Pflegeheim (residential care home). No, we won’t solve their problems like that, and certainly not ours.

    Something missing? Should I know how to finance better schools, more teachers, better integrations programs? Should I know how to kick our voters’, and votees’, butt, to really move eventually? Doing your bidding irks me anyway: there have been other times and other places where we were supposed to either provide “constructive” criticism, or else shut up for good, criticism being somewhat conspicuous anyway, being the playground for Nestbeschmutzer, Zersetzer or other bourgeois scum. The truth eventually distilled was called pravda. We still have this approach in North Korea and, say, in Islamic Republics.

    > Codicil: you have to be able to also go to your Turkish-background
    > neighbours and explain these to them in person, including why they
    > should buy into them at this point.

    Thanks for assuming that I bitch away anonymously, while being coward elsewhere. I did talk to my neighbours, to the grocery man, to the supermarket cashier, to the guy sitting next to me in my favourite pub around the corner. Its hard to avoid Muslim contact, unless you have a good walk. Unfailingly, I don’t like what they tell me, be it things Palestine, Jewish, Holocaust, Armenian, Islam, or migratory related: I’m hard to please. I avow to have stopped talking to them, but I don’t necessarily have to, as queuing up at the bakery and pricking up my ears is enough. And when young louts praise Hezbollah on the streets, to impress the girls, I’m not amused. When Jewish or, well, Philosemite protesters rally through our streets waving Israeli flags, they receive stones and abuse from the alliance formed by Leftists and Muslim youth. When or local Muslim Hamas and Hezbollah supporters give those Jew boys the Hitler salute, wield their knives, use them, ask for Gas chambers, some of the infidel Maoist, Leninist or self-proclaimed Anarchists on their side are a tad embarrassed, others laugh, others …explain. One of the explainers is one J. Elsässer, who argues for a alliance of Islamists, nationalists and leftists in the PDS‘ inofficial party rag Junge Welt (last paragraph). The PDS is one of our capitals’ ruling parties. When he’s not busy doing that, he helps Oskar Lafontaine, our former Minister of Finance of finance and chairman of the SPD (governing our country with the CDU), to get elected as chancellor, eventually. That’s true to form, as Lafontaine doesn’t shy away from agitating against Fremdarbeiters (foreign workers), thus using Nazi terminology to appeal to the blue eyed right wingers, though he discovered interfaces between socialism and Islam as well, thus appealing to their brown eyed brethren — and their, of all people, socialist sympathisers. Historians know these shenanigans as Querfront and National Bolshevism, political phenomenons of the Weimar Republic specifically, and of troubled times in general. The inclusion of Islam is new, but pertinent.

    But here’s good news, though I’ll have to explain: when I came back to my hometown after decades overseas and in Western Germany my peers didn’t understand my choice. My relatives where more understanding, but they don’t live here either. I bought shares from a tenants cooperative, post-punks managing the remnants of punk era squatting action, things now being legal, petit bourgeois and renovated. They provided me with a nice flat in the bustling heart of Kreuzberg, as I would have it. However, there’s Turks left, right, top, bottom — but, guess what? Not in my house. Funny, isn’t it? There’s segregation everywhere, even where you really wouldn’t expect it. When sitting in my favourite pub 50m to my house’s left lately, two Turkish youngsters popped by and had us at gunpoint — fidels, infidels, everyone, they didn’t discriminate. Incidentally, when they fired their gun upwards, we realised that is was a tear gas gun, as we, and they, had to choke and gag immediately afterwards. Thus, we also realised that they were drugged, which is highly unlikely following Koch’s expertise on things ethnic. Being druggees, they almost missed the money in the cash register and left leaving the plastic bag, they had brought for their booty. The cops liked that, they were caught soon after. Locals predicted as much, as sane Turks wouldn’t rob in their neighbourhood — they must have been drugged, ha ha. Socialising and destressing afterwards, I was informed that the supermarket on the other side of the street gets robbed at gunpoint once yearly. Being a regular there too, I knew that I didn’t cherish the local manly youth effectuating their purchases in the Don Corleone style they see fitting, but the gun issues where new to me.

    Leaving my house to the right, there’s another pub. A gay standing in front, harrased by two Turkish louds, dared to speak up. He was killed with a broken beer bottle. However, they certainly didn’t empty that bottle before, due to religious and cultural concerns, as experts on thing ethnic will tell us. Believe it or not, in the three years I spent here, I’ve amassed about a dozen of these stories, having happened in my 300m perimeter. However, Kreuzberg is not the Bronx, not yet, and hoards of pubescent tourist indulge in happy, undisturbed binge drinking in warm summer nights. I still am a patron of the pub mentioned, and Kreuzberg can be lovely, believe that too, or not. My cooperative landlords have flats across the local river too, where the white men live. The white men and their polyglot, well-trained and well-off yellow, brown or black, ugh, mostly agnostic, double ugh, non-Muslim brethren, that is. My friends, relatives, and my office sit there too. It’s all in the new fangled brave new Disney world of sorts, where grimy post-socialist Easterners of yore have been replaced by the posh and mobile. Here’s the good news: I applied for a flat reluctantly, so chances are, that I’ll lose my urge, which might spare you a line or two. I might regress to what I was before, the like of the honourable visitors of Happy Valley.

    Some punter once defined a Neocon as being a liberal mugged by reality. I don’t consider myself a Neocon (then again, who does?), and the cops still feel that I look funny, dressed in black, as lot of my peers do too, the Kreuzberg peers, that is. But I can relate to the mugging stuff. I decided to ram my adventures down some unsuspecting, undeserving throats, so it wouldn’t be all in vain. And I shared my feelings about it, this being a popular practice over the pond, or so I heard.

    Two for the road, as you might corroborate what I’ll tell in a documentary, should you live over here — see below.

    On my floor lives an obnoxious girl brat, with here mum, period, knowwhaddamean. One of the half a dozen non-Muslims children left in my street. She’s no tourist, no fleeting member of student academe looking for a cheap temporary flat, no punk, no junkie. She grew up with the locals, kindergarten, school, the street, the works. So she’s not scot free, as are the others, she must obey the rules tourists et al don’t get confronted with. The local boys never could make up their mind whether they should harass, demean, or adore her and her little infidel friends, for obvious reasons. So they did it all, consecutively or simultaneously. She’s a bit aggressive now, and highly strung, they all are. Her first boyfriend was no Muslim, worse, it was no Turk. So she had breached the contract. Of course, she was an infidel slut to the boys, but as long a she remained chaste, it was about acceptable. Should she be unchaste with one of them, it would be acceptable too, for some time — it would even buy her some, ugh, respect from his friends, or at least the absence of tease or terror — that’s mood dependent.

    However, she did what was unforgivable. Her mother, without giving detail, warned me not to let ‘funny’ people in. As I’m the house’s dour square anyway, I never would have, even without warning. They got in anyway, and had a Polenböller explode before here flat’s door. That’s a large illegal firecracker with a tiny dynamite core, the Turks buy in nearby Poland. I noticed, when all my flat’s doors jolted in their frames. I’m a sissy, so it felt like Beirut. When I opened my flat’s door, all was covered with grime, smoke filled the staircase. Our house’s large front door was filled with graffiti. “Slut”, “whore”, “hopefully you’ll perish soon”, “we’ll get you”, all over. Some days later, they returned and kicked a door’s glass filling in. The obnoxious brat was shivering and tame as a sedated mouse in its cage. She had messed up the staircase with grafitti for years, now she cleaned the staircase! She didn’t leave the house alone anymore for months. They boys gave in eventually, the issue seems settled now. She’s the one that google’s automated translation describes as “[she] is so common [mm:mean] and aggressive, which one would change gladly the roadside, in order to go to a confrontation with it out of the way” in this RBB article. I don’t know if she’ll tell this story in the movie, so I did. Yes, it’s much worse in Bagdad or South LA, and our streets still get cleaned regularly. Then again, as far as I know she’s not Jewish, good for her.

    One Bettina Blümner followed her ongoings for three years in the documentary “Prinzessinnenbad” ( Germany 2007, 92 minutes), to be released in May. spiegel, stern

    Another one: a friend of hers, possibly not appearing in the movie, I haven’t seen it yet. Her Father is a trained electrician, rather unemployed since quite some time due to Polish competence from across the border. However, he’s a proud Kreuzberger, and once, mildly drunk, he said that “they won’t get me out of this house alive.” His landlords of 20+ years have no intentions of doing so, I know that. But I didn’t ask, as he was a little drunk, besides, it’s obvious. Others have left the house being explicit. Once, while chatting, his daughter came along. Jokingly, he admonished her to please not come back turned Muslim, as she was planning to visit her Turkish boyfriend’s parents in Turkey. She looked the other way and kept mum; an embarrassing moment for all present. He changed his mind — he’s moving out. Of course, good, unbiased and serene minded people will ask: what’s so bad about becoming Muslim, what bigot is that father? Yes, that girl is free to convert, as was a relative of mine (no prole, but diplomat), yet I don’t want them to.

    Ponder that: the proles convert, to escape the pressure. There’s a pecking order in the schools over here: Turks, Arabs, non-Muslim immigrants, and the rest, in that order. Where Arabs dominate, they come first. The proles either move away or, else, they make rational choices (did he really just say proles? Yes, why not, it’s short and concise, does the job). You think I’m insane, while I remember my lecturers dealing with the subject, when I took a year of Oriental studies long ago.

    > His comments to the effect that we ought to stop writing and
    > thinking about anything else but his one theme – MUSLIMS and
    > the vile horror they allegedly epitomize – were just enough
    > to trigger my last comment.

    I write whenever Andrew touches the subject and I find the time. I’m a self-styled Robin Good, giving the proles a voice (for my devious benefit): they don’t blog, they chat But not in English and not in Happy Valley — which incidentally is quite Muslim free, much to Junger Gott’s liking (am I mean or what?!:). If Tanutscha would (and could) read this, she had some friends break my bones. My Marxist foes called that Entrism, when they tried to infiltrate my friends’ and my wishy washy punko-anarchist shenanigans. I’m not to proud to learn from the enemy, and I’m being way less underhanded, though arguably as obnoxious.

    > Yet I think, judging by what he dishes out regularly –
    > Marek Moehling can well take my little opposition

    PS: Some paralipomena for the juridically inclined. If you chose to wave an Israeli flag standing on the pavement while a rally organised by people Hezbollah-inclined passes by, you might get beaten, police might not be able (or willing) to help you, you might get a subpoena, your house might get searched and a judge might tell you that you are to blame, as you should have known better.

    While the German Assemblies Act doesn’t want you to interfere with other folks’ rally, which is fair thinking, a judge’s deliberation on the case was hallucinatory:

    “D[er] Beschuldigte ist […] verdächtig, mit weiteren Personen […] während einer genehmigten Demonstration des Vereins ‚Albatoul’ durch Hochheben israelischer Flaggen und Rufen ‚hoch lebe Israel’ bei einem Teil der, wie ihm bekannt, antiisraelisch eingestellten Demonstranten emotionsgeladene Wutausbrüche und infolge dessen von diesen ausgehende Handgreiflichkeiten und volksverhetzende Äußerungen wie ‚Tod den Juden’ verursacht zu haben, wobei er beabsichtigte, dass infolge der durch seine Provokation ausgelösten und von ihm durch seine Aktion allein bezweckten Tumulte und Straftaten die Demonstration gesprengt und die weitere Durchführung vereitelt wurde.”

    To cut it short: the pro-Israel protesters knew that their opponents were prone to illegal hate speech (volksverhetzende Äußerungen) like “death to the Jews”, rages of ire, and violence, when confronted with anything pro Israel, thus the pro-Israel protesters are to blame for what happened to them — and for the rallys’ end. (antifa.net, lizaswelt)


  14. I have been oracular again, or outright nonsensical. Please read “jokester” or “buffoon” where it says “punter.” Some words less dated will do too, can’t think of any right now.


  15. Marek – interesting post, particularly your focus at the end on my request for suggestions.

    A suggestion of my own: As of the beginning of May, I should be in Berlin on a more or less semi-permanent basis. While I’ll refrain from taking an apartment in Kreuzberg (although your descriptions of the volatile living conditions might give me some good leverage with potential landlords), here’s an idea:

    You and I meet for drinks some evening in mid-May, once I am settled. We’ll have an open and frank exchange of views particularly with respect to immigration, which we will subsequently transcribe into two very brief statements (no more than 750 words) on the degree to which we were able to convince the other party, and we provide same to Andrew, who can then decide to publish these on GJ as a guest contribution.

    I won’t agree to meeting at Fischbrötchen in the Rigaerstraße, since that would hardly be neutral. You’d probably avoid something as bourgeois as the KaDeWe seafood counter for the same reason. My suggestion would be that well-known Hendl-place in K-Berg. I’m presuming we won’t be robbed at gunpoint there. First round of chicken on me.



  16. > You and I meet for drinks some evening in mid-May, once I am settled

    We might do that, details here.

    > blah blah Islam blah blah … There goes Marek’s promise…

    Dammit, they’re in on my scheme! Note to self: in this here elitist corner of blogland folks move fast, think fast. Return to Batcave and improve secret formula!

    re: being oracular, again! The Tanutscha mentioned is the filmed brat having received the fire-cracked admonition on manners in particular and things ethical in general. If she could read this, and see my being indiscreet, she might want to have her admirers be useful for change – to my detriment. “Entrism” has nothing to do with breaking bones, of course, it’s what my former foes, dialectically trained, did to irk me in darker times (darker?!), when I was a young nondenominational activist.


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