Short, Interesting Post about Long, Boring Meetings

One thing I absolutely cannot bloody stand about Germany, is the agonizingly long, soul-crushingly boring public gatherings. They’re like Academy Awards ceremonies, only without music, stars, or cleavage.

I evade them whenever possible, and I’m not alone. From a recent analysis of the EU’s 50th anniversary meeting by Peter Zeihan:

The European Union celebrated the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome on March 25. To mark the event, 27 heads of government gathered in Berlin, ostensibly to sign a declaration reaffirming the union’s values and outlining future goals. Disputes over the document’s text, however, proved so divisive that in order to avoid embarrassing refusals the leaders were not even asked to sign it. Meanwhile, the ceremonies were so dull that many officials wandered off into the streets of Berlin well before they concluded.

Happy Easter, everybody. Back on Tuesday. Ed Philp is, as always, invited to take up the slack, but he’d better not outshine me like last time…

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