A Bleg and a Plaque

Hello all. Back from Brussels, many thanks to Ed P. for the National Socalist tax history. At least, I think thanks are in order. Ever since I read the post, I can’t get out of my mind the image of an enthusiastic National Socialist accountant. Did they wear brown eyeshades?

Now to new stuff. First, a bleg (blog-beg). Take a look at this photo, which I took at an ordinary train station in Duesseldorf. Can anyone tell me who the bald, puzzled-looking man in the pink shirt is? I see similar graffiti all over, which makes me think it must have some distinct meaning. Any help would be appreciated.


Now, a plaque. While in Brussels, I paid a visit to the Grand Place, the big town square with lot of purty buildings. Every night in the summer there’s a light-show set to rather cheesy Euro-trash instrumentals (think Vangelis). OIff in one corner, set into the side of a building housing a restaurant called La Cygne ("The Swan"), there’s a small plaque — which every Asian tourist seems to know about — with an interesting inscription:


Apparently, he wrote "The Communist Manifesto" in this restaurant’s fetid confines. A German friend assures me that a visit to the Marx House in Trier is on the agenda of almost all Chinese package tourists.

2 thoughts on “A Bleg and a Plaque

  1. I’ve been to the same place, Andrew, but I confess that ‘La Cygne’ did not strike me as being at all ‘fetid’. More of a fancy tourist trap with very fancy prices. How it was in 1847 one can only surmise….


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