Duesseldorf World’s 5th Most Livable City

According to ratings from Business Week, Duesseldorf, Germany is the world’s 5th most livable city. Up from No. 6 last year.

I could not agree more. Because it doesn’t have any real tourist attractions, Duesseldorf doesn’t get much international press. But it scores high on all of my personal livability factors: it’s green (in both senses of the word), studded with museums, easy to navigate, well-ordered, and safe (2006 featured a whopping 11 ‘crimes against life’ in a city of 580,000 — virtually all of which resulted from private grievances).

Three cheers (again) for German urbanism!

2 thoughts on “Duesseldorf World’s 5th Most Livable City

  1. With regard to Dusseldorf’s green-ness in a political sense, it should be noted that the city has a mayor http://www.duesseldorf.de/rat/ob/person.shtml who is arguably one of the most right-wing persons to hold public office on that level in all of Germany; probably one of the few German politicians (even of the CDU) that based on their political beliefs I would consider equivalent to a US Republican.


  2. …but who has almost managed to balance the city’s budget within the years of his reign, something that is rather unique among German cities of this size (one possible other example being Dresden).


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