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Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, Prince Karel Schwarzenberg, on the different level (G) of anti-Americanism in Western Europe and the former Eastern bloc: "Here, you don’t see the kind of virulent anti-Americanism that dominates Western Europe. After all, our nations weren’t nourished back to health on American Marshall Plan funds, and we therefore have less occasion to cultivate our prejudices."

P.S. I could tell he was Central European royalty just by the moustache, couldn’t you?

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. “therefore have less occasion to cultivate our prejudices.”

    Excellent. The statement works on two levels – the first being the obvious observation on human gratitude, and the other being that a major reason why the Eastern bloc countries don’t indulge in the Yankee-hate is because they don’t have the time, being too busy catching up to Western Europe living standards.

    Poor Germany and France. They would have done far better under Stalin. Show trials, purges, and all….


  2. “Es gibt aber auch gewisse US-Vorstellungen, die mir nicht liegen: Die wollen eine Art amerikanische Insel einrichten”, sagt der Außenminister. “Aber ich werde doch darauf beharren, dass wir hier in Europa sind. Über den Tisch ziehen lassen wir uns gewiss nicht.”

    Insistence is futile…


  3. perhaps it has more to do with having far less first hand experience with the difference between what america says and what america does.
    when eastern europeans will in the fullness of time acquire a measure of experinance in this comparable to theirs with russia i shall be very interested to hear from them again.

    and btw mister schwarzenberg is really an ill-choosen case in point to represent eastern europeans at large, having spend his life in the western upper-class, hasn’t he.


  4. as for human gratitude dear mr. carpathia, the marshallplan was no altruistic undertaking on the part of the u.s. at all, and there was the morgentauplan too if your knowledge of recent history does extend to this level of inconvenient detail.

    once the u.s. saw that the marshall plan was good pr as well as a great carrot&stick to get its way as far as bretton-woods was concerned, plus a good way to undermine soviet credibility in eastern europe in the court of public opinion the whole thing was a forgone conclusion.

    it also literally bought the u.s. a degree of influence it wouldn’t have had otherwise with the the way power was brokered in post war europe.

    it contained communism and thought to check the development of any fundamentally different societal model than the american.

    sometimes with less success than hoped for but still who wants to fight world war three on ones own soil, right?
    we were the buffer the u.s. needed, we were the first “vietnamisation” of the larger conflict. on the whole as far as altruistic tendencies go the u.s. was no better than russia – it just had madison avenue and hollywood and the other side didn’t.

    that it wasn’t marketed at home that way, i’m so surprised i really am, my my …

    going full circle on the gratitude argument, it was a loan not a gift.
    we payed it back with interest.


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